Monday, May 14, 2018

The Great Outdoors

I know what you are thinking..."A blog post in back to back weeks?" I know I can't pull it off every week, I'm still shooting for once or twice a month, but I'll take what I can get.  I had a little time this afternoon, so I thought I'd fit in a quick post.
If you read the title then you'll know that all of these pictures are taken, you guessed it, outside!
Last Sunday afternoon, Parker and I went for a bicycle ride down the street. It's sure starting to warm up outside, but it was a fun ride with my bike buddy!
One night last week after dinner, we went outside to refill some of our bird feeders and do some plant watering.  It was particularly hot that night so it was popsicles all around!
Speaking of plants and flowers, some of our pots and hanging baskets are starting to do really good.  We spend a lot of time watering everything on the front and back porches and in our flower beds, but we love all of the colors and how pretty it all looks.

With the heat in full force these last few days, we sat down and made our annual Summer Fun List last week.  We came up with 20 things we wanted to try to do over the course of the summer. Chances are we won't get to everything on this list, but it at least gives us some options for enjoyable things to do to beat the heat! We usually do a mix of indoor/outdoor, free/costs money, at home/going elsewhere, easy/more involved, etc. to create a nice balance.  This is our fourth year to make such a list.  Last year I think we did all but 3-4 things.  We have some things that we have on our list year after year, but also add new fun things as well.  Summer isn't our favorite season, but we'll try to make the most of it with this list o' activities!
Well, we had to go to Plan B on protecting our garden.  The plastic forks did their job for a little while, but one evening we noticed one of our okra plants had been eaten (most likely by a creature with bunny ears).  So Friday night we went and purchased a few supplies to put up a small fence around it. It's tall enough to keep furry friends out, but we can step over to water, weed eat and tend to the garden. We got it finished Saturday morning.  Everything is growing pretty good so far!

While we worked on the garden fence, Parker ran through the sprinkler.  It was the perfect weather for it. As you can tell, Parker didn't enjoy it at all! 

Saturday night, we went to Haley's graduation party (our wonderful, old neighbor's oldest daughter).  It was a good opportunity to snap a family picture in the sunshine. 
I guess with Spring on it's way out in a little over a month and Summer heading our way, there will be a lot more happenings outside!
Until we meet again...

Monday, May 7, 2018

Back in the Saddle

I'm not sure where to begin...

Oh how I have missed this blog.  For several years, this was a place to write, share pictures and capture what was going on in our lives.

However as the years have gone by, life has gotten busier and other things have become more of a priority and taken more of my time - and for good reason. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't immensely miss this space and the opportunity to journal and reflect on photos we've taken.  Over the past year and a half or so, I've thought about blogging more times than I can count and mentioned it to John on many, many occasions (just ask him). The desire is always there, but the time I'd like to devote to it always isn't.

I really want to blog again on a somewhat regular basis.  And for me that may be 1-2 times a month to start - and that's okay. I am hoping to play a little catch up and highlight a few things that have gone on in 2018 thus far or I may just start where we are now and go forward.

For now, here's a little taste of a few things going on in our world.

We decided to do a small vegetable garden this year.  We did a joint one with our neighbors last year, but since the moved (boo - more on that later) that wasn't an option this year so we put together a small raised bed in the backyard.  We have 2-3 containers as well.  We planted lettuce, tomatoes, onions, squash, okra, strawberries, jalapeno and cilantro.  We're hoping it does really well this year - so far so good!  Last year we had a problem with bunnies and squirrels so we lined the entire outside of the garden with plastic forks (thanks Pinterest for that idea).  Fingers crossed that it'll work! Parker painted popcicle sticks for garden markers and I wrote what each plant was on them.   

This is a picture from the day we planted it, but it has already changed and grown in the last couple of weeks.  Stay tuned - we'll keep you posted on our harvest. 

I have become a lover of feeding the birds. We started with one feeder and that has turned into feeding the squirrels ears of corn and carrots to the bunnies. Perhaps if we feed them their own food, they'll leave the garden be.  It's been really neat to watch the variety of birds that land on and around our feeders.  They are so pretty and interesting - so many colors and neat to listen to!  Our personal favorite is the Painted Bunting. 

Here is one of the said squirrels.  We love to feed them and watch them, but no trespassing in the garden!

We've also done plethora of flower planting over the last 2-3 weeks.  We have planted some pots for the porch, hanging baskets and updated our front two flower beds. All of our plants did really well last year and we're hoping the same for this year!
Over Easter weekend, our sweet and wonderful neighbors of 3 1/2 years moved. (Insert sad face and tears - there were lots of tears) They are currently living in a rent house while they build a house on more land further east from here.  While they won't be too terribly far, it's just not the same without them living right next door. The Burden kids have been so sweet to Parker over the last few years - we have grown to love them as our own!  We went beyond neighbors and friends, but became more like family. Oh the memories we created between our two houses and yards - it was fun sharing life together and we sure miss them!
We have gone to see their land a couple of times and will enjoy watching the process as they build their new home.  One Friday night we all drove out to see the dirt work they had done and Parker had a blast playing in the dirt and trees for an hour. 
In Parker news...

He's getting really good at riding his bigger boy bike that he got from Santa.  The other night he and I rode to the end of the street and back and time or two and it was so fun!
He also still loves books and our weekly trip to the library.  He reads so well for his age. I hope his love and thirst for reading and being read to never fades.
A couple of weeks ago, Parker wrapped up this year's round of swimming lessons.  He did so well in the water - swimming is definitely his cup of tea!  We are trying to think of a way he can enjoy more time swimming outside of simple swimming lessons. He's quite the little fish!

Last Thursday, Parker had a dentist appointment so he didn't go to therapy.  He's made so much progress at the dentist - I'm so proud of him!  Plus we cannot say enough wonderful things about Parker's dentist and staff - the absolute best in caring for Parker's dental needs.  We had planned to do some fun things after the dentist, but a storm was fast approaching so we ran by the library and I picked up lunch for Parker then we enjoyed the rest of the stormy day at home! I am grateful for the help he is receiving for some of his issues, but I sure miss having him at home during the day!
 The calm after the storm - we got quite a bit of rain over two days!
Last Friday night I went to the Royse City Golden Debs Spring Show to watch Haley (the oldest daughter of our neighbors who moved).  She's been on the drill team for four years and served as Captain this year.  She'll graduate in a couple of weeks - I can't believe it.  It was a really good show and she did a beautiful job in all of the dances. 
While I was gone, Parker declared it "Guy's Night".  He was so cute and wanted me to make a sign for it. He must know how much I love making signs and labeling things - ha!  We ordered pizza and they had a big time playing Mario Kart on the Wii and watching a little TV.  Parker also requested homemade chocolate chip cookies so we made those as well! They had such a fun time while I was gone. 
Kuddos to you if you are still reading this! Just a bit of an update to start, but hopefully there's more to come as I am able and have time.

Blog sweet blog, you have been dearly missed!

Until we meet again...

Monday, August 1, 2016


Knock Knock
Who's There? 
Riley Who?
Oh, you don't remember me?

I don't blame you for not remembering me since I'm a blogger slacker.  I'm averaging posting about every month and a half.  So enjoy this post, it may be mid-September before I come knocking again.

I am not blogging more regularly because I don't want to.  I have deep desires to blog each week, even if it's a weekly re-cap.  But I'm so behind on my blog posts and we stay pretty busy, so it's just not in the cards right now...someday perhaps!

Until then, I continue on this journey to catch up a little one month at a time.

Let's take a look back at March (that's so 5 months ago)...

Parker was on a kick where he'd want to play a round of Wheel of Fortune before bed every night.
Parker had his 4 year check-up.  He did awesome and is still long and lean, but growing well and very healthy.

We visited our favorite guinea pig, Oliver, at our local library.  We usually try to go to two libraries each week.

We had some Happy Sundays!
(Notice how he's wearing long sleeves in a couple of pictures.  Ahhh, what I wouldn't give for that weather.  I'm over it being a billion degrees.)

We did a little Easter decorating around the house.  I love me some holiday decorating - whatever the occasion!
We did our preschool activities.  L is for Ladybug, M is for M&Ms and N is for Nest.  We may have eaten a few several M&Ms.

We spent some time outside.

We enjoyed a birthday dinner and dessert with our neighbors. 

We had some couch time. Eating yummy bananas with George and snuggling with sweet Daddy! 

We made a windsock to hang on the backporch. 

Mowing season began!
Lucky me ~ Happy St. Patrick's Day!

One day while Daddy was away at lunch, we had a picnic and played at the park.

I had my annual eye appointment and Parker went along.  He had so much fun!
We started swimming lessons.

We went out to breakfast one Saturday morning for a fundraiser for our favorite Golden Deb, Haley.
We had all sorts of Easter fun! We made crafts, yummy treats, colored eggs, did some activities, enjoyed a neighborhood egg hunt and celebrated our risen Lord at church.

I love my little family so much!

That's March in a very small nutshell - just the highlights for sure.  Next stop, April.  I can't believe we are already into August!

Until we meet again...