Father's Day

Father's Day was such a sweet family day. 
We started our day by going to church and Sunday school. Happy Sunday! These two are the best of friends - I just love their relationship! Parker's so lucky to have the best Daddy in the world. 

Parker took a picture of us as well.  I'm very grateful to be on this parenting journey together.
After church, we went out for a yummy lunch then came home to open gifts. Parker had fun giving John his gifts and helping him open them. One night while John was gone, Parker and I had fun crafting and making John a new coffee mug. Daddy loves coffee so this was the perfect, personalized gift.
To Parker's surprise, I had a gift for him as well. He was so excited.  Like all children, he loves getting presests!

We aren't big on video games, but we do allow Parker to play our old Wii for a set time each day.  Right now all he plays is MarioKart.  As John can, he'll play with/race Parker and it's the highlight of Parker'…

Happenings 'Round Here

This is just a hodge podge of pictures I've taken over the last couple of weeks.

Once we got back from Fredericksburg, we had a good little crop of squash.  Our squash plants have done really well.  They've all produced what they were going to so we planted more.  We've also got okra coming up as well.
About two weeks ago, I made up a "Hello Summer" basket for Parker and surprised him with it at dinner one night. It was so cute how giddy and excited he was. Some of the items included a DVD, new chapter book for us to read and a bookmark, water balloons, summertime bath soap and bath crackles, goldfish crackers and binoculars to name a few.  He's already enjoyed a lot of it! 
I'm always working on homeschooling in some form or fashion.  I have homeschool to dos each and every week - it's ongoing, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I'm always preparing things for what we are doing now and planning for what we need to be working on in the f…

Fredericksburg Trip

The week before Memorial Day, my Dad was scheduled to have major back/spine surgery.  He's been dealing with a few issues for about a year and after various doctor visits and tests, it was determined that he needed to have surgery.

I obviously really wanted to be there for the operation itself, but we also wanted to be around to help Dad and Kristin post-surgery for a few days. After the operation, Dad would have lots of restrictions and limitations. They live on some land and have a swimming pool, vegetable garden, plants/flowers and chickens - plus there are always things to do in and around the house.

We made our way to Fredericksburg the day before the surgery.  I surprised Parker with a new set of books with a CD to listen and follow along with in the car. He really enjoyed it!

After we got there, unloaded and settled in, the first order of business for Parker was to swim.  He hadn't been swimming since he wrapped up swimming lessons so he was a wee bit eager to dive in!