Summer Fun ~ Movie & Peaches

Although Fall hasn't technically started, all of the fall activities are in full swing. School has started, the weather is getting a bit cooler, autumn decorations are all around the house, football season has kicked off...Ahhh, it's the most wonderful time of the year!

All of that being said, I wanted to wrap up a few things from our fun summer!  As we have over the past couple of years, we made a Summer Fun List in May of various activities we wanted to try to enjoy throughout the summer. Today I wanted to share about a couple of those.

In late June we had a themed family movie night.  When we do these theme movies, we usually try to make a meal and dessert that goes with the movie as well as enjoy a fun activity or game about the movie...and of course watch the movie! We often watch other movies, but don't always go all out with a theme.  It is sure fun when we do though!

Parker chose Chicken Little for our summer movie night.  We had fun coming up with a yummy menu a…

Oklahoma ~ Day Five and Going Home

Well the blog has been put on the back burner for the past month or so.  We've had a lot of different things going on so blogging naturally falls down the priority ladder.

But I'm back today to wrap up our Oklahoma trip.  After that I plan to highlight some of the fun stuff we have done over the summer.  We've had a good summer, but we are very ready for all that is fall!  

Our final full day in Oklahoma our destination was the Oklahoma City Zoo!

On the way to the zoo, we drove by the State Capital.  As I mentioned in a previous post, we were in Oklahoma during the public school teacher strike.  I say that because when we drove by the capital, it was crawling with teachers on strike.  They and their families were everywhere.  It was quite a sight!  We even saw someone selling sno cones.  That was a smart move - what a way to cash in and provide some refreshment.   
We were a little concerned when we pulled up to the zoo because it was extremely crowded (again, teacher&#…

Oklahoma Trip ~ Day Four

 Parker started our first full day in Oklahoma City in full vacation mode - relaxing in bed, watching cartoons and eating breakfast! He LOVES hotels - he was so excited each day to be staying in a hotel and still talks about the next time we can go stay in another hotel.  We had some issues with our air conditioner the night before and next morning.  They tried replacing a part and that didn't work so they ended up replacing the entire unit while we were out for the day. It made for a stuffy environment for a little while, but we ended up getting a free night at the hotel!
Our plan for today was to visit and explore the Science Museum and eat lunch there.  Then we had some more fun planned for later in the afternoon and evening.
I will let the pictures speak for themselves (this isn't even all of the pictures we took), but we had SO MUCH FUN at the Science Museum.  We all agreed that this was our favorite part of the entire trip.  It was HUGE - two stories and tons of int…