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Gregg Family Reunion 2013

We recently made a trip to Fredricksburg for the annual Gregg Family Reunion.  This is my sweet grandmother's family. My grandmother, Evelyn, was one of nine children - she was the youngest.  Her maiden name was Gregg, which is what her and my Grandpa named my Dad.  I love that!  My grandmother and all of her siblings are no longer living, but this reunion is all of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I found it interesting that three of her siblings never married or had children.

It was a one day get-together and aside from the cool wind, it was a wonderful and beautiful day. I think we had 43 people total, including the little ones.  It was a nice turnout!

Aunt Carla pulling double duty Saturday morning with Parker and our niece Helana (her daughter).  Helana and Parker are a little over 10 months apart.

With so many pictures, I won't give captions for every picture. 

Kind of a general overview - the day was spent inside and out at my Dad and Kristin'…