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For the Love of Baseball

I am continuing to highlight our visit from our nephews Jacob and Isaac (see two previous posts below to catch up). While they were here, there was lots of "baseball themed" fun. The boys LOVE baseball! We watched several baseball games on TV, bought packs of baseball cards, sorted and traded baseball cards, played catch and baseball in the backyard, played baseball on the PlayStation 2 and we also went to a Rangers baseball game. We had a blast...

Cuddlin' with Calvin

As I mentioned in the post below, we have had our nephews, Jacob (11) and Isaac (9) with us for the past 10 days. They went home (to Arkansas) yesterday and we were really sad to see them go. It felt so weird without them at home yesterday after them being here for so long. We had a WONDERFUL time with them!! While they were here, we took over 200 pictures at home and out and about so we have lots to catch up on. I figure that I might break it up into a few "themed" posts and hopefully we can highlight a few things.

Calvin got a TON of attention from Jacob and Isaac. They absolutely LOVE him and are so good with him. Calvin is such a sweet and gentle dog. He doesn't bark, bite, scratch, fight...he's not a mean dog at all. In fact, Calvin is VERY low key - he's probably the laziest dog we know. HaHa! He loves to lay around and enjoys cuddling. He makes a great sleeping buddy and loves to be held and petted. The boys really enjoyed hanging out with him and sitt…

Busy Being an Aunt

I haven't blogged in over a week and I have a lot of catching up to do, but I have a VERY good reason. I've been thoroughly enjoying being "Aunt Riley" for the past week (since last Monday). I have gladly neglected time on the computer and set aside other things to focus on the boys. Our nephews, Jacob (11) and Isaac (9) have been staying with us since July 19th and we have been having all sorts of fun!! They live in central Arkansas, about a 5 hour drive from us, so we look forward to seeing them each time we get the chance. This is our first time to have them stay with us by themselves for this long - fun indeed.

The boys will go home on Wednesday so we are enjoying our last two days with them. John and I will really be sad to see them go back home, but we have greatly enjoyed our time with them. The house will be so different with them gone. Although it's always just the two of us, and Calvin, we've gotten used to them, their voices and their stuff being ar…


Today we would like to wish John's Mom and Dad, Mark and Karen Ussery, a HAPPY 40th ANNIVERSARY! They were married 40 years ago today on July 18, 1970. John was truly blessed with wonderful loving and caring parents and I was equally blessed with fabulous in-laws.
From one Mr. & Mrs. Ussery to another, we love you both very much and wish you a Happy Anniversary. May God bless you with many more years together!

John & Riley