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Happy 4th Birthday, Parker

Parker Holt, you are FOUR years old! 
You went from this newborn babe in the hospital... To this one year old... To this two year old... To this three year old... To this four year old... Oh Parker, my heart can't take it.  Where has the time gone?  I still remember the day you were born so very clearly.  It was such a wonderful day!  And now you are four years old - wow.

I often look back at your baby pictures and miss those precious times and how little you were. As hard as some of the early days were, there's nothing like a sweet little baby.  All of that being said, I love the age you are now too.  We have had so much fun over the past year. From baby days to toddler days and all the days in between you have remained the sweetest boy!

As I did before you were born, and have every year on your birthday, I am writing you a personal, special letter so I'll try not to ramble on here. Notice I said "try". (Side note: I wrote Parker a letter while I was pregnant a…