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You went from this newborn babe in the hospital... To this one year old... To this two year old... To this three year old...
Oh Parker Boy, where has the time gone?!  I simply cannot believe you are three years old.

I can still so clearly remember holding your wee little baby body in my arms the day you were born and now you are an energetic and on-the-go toddler!  I often think back and miss those sweet baby days, but I am enjoying the age you are now so much.

This year has been one with a few changes and challenges, but one with a multitude of blessings and lots of fun.  You have grown up so much in this past year and changed a great deal.  You are talking so well, learning so much and have made a lot of progress with your eating and sensory issues.  We moved into our new home about a month after you turned two and we have made many memories there since.

Here is but a small collection of my favorite pictures of you from this past year...