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Independence Day Decorating

One of my many loves is decorating for different holidays and seasons throughout the year. I don't decorate for all of them and some of them I just add one or two small touches in the house to mark the occasion. But it's something that I really enjoy doing for fun and makes the holidays and seasons more enjoyable.

The "4th of July" is just about 2 weeks away so yesterday afternoon I put out a few Independence Day decorations to enjoy until then and the weekend of. John and I will at home for the holiday and are planning a few fun things to do over the 3-day weekend...some here at home and some out and about. We are going to finalize our plans this weekend. I'm sure we'll have a full wrap-up complete with pictures afterwards. I know you can hardly wait -hah. John said we are going to call it our "Fun, Firecrackin' Festivities" - funny boy!

I got this little star yesterday on sale at Hobby Lobby (it was a whopping $2.25). I love what it says.

Memorial Day Weekend ~ Trip to Arkansas

About 3 weeks ago, we spent several days in Mount Vernon, Arkansas visting our family there. We hadn't been to visit since Christmas so a trip was way overdue. In addition, our nephew Jacob (12) was graduating from 6th grade and he and our other nephew Isaac (10) were playing in a baseball tournament over the weekend. We drove up on a Wednesday afternoon and we came home the Tuesday after Memorial Day. As usual, it was a really nice and fun weekend.

The boys' baseball team took second place in the tournament so it was nice to be able to watch them in a few games and cheer them on. They baseball park/complex was really nice! The fields were well taken care of and we were shaded by nice big awnings over the bleachers. Jacob actually hit a homerun over the fence so that was super exciting. Isaac also made a web gem out in right field making a diving catch. They are both awesome baseball players - we are so proud!

On Thursday night, Jacob's (and Isaac's) school had a "C…