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Knock Knock
Who's There?  Riley!
Riley Who? Oh, you don't remember me?

I don't blame you for not remembering me since I'm a blogger slacker.  I'm averaging posting about every month and a half.  So enjoy this post, it may be mid-September before I come knocking again.

I am not blogging more regularly because I don't want to.  I have deep desires to blog each week, even if it's a weekly re-cap.  But I'm so behind on my blog posts and we stay pretty busy, so it's just not in the cards right now...someday perhaps!

Until then, I continue on this journey to catch up a little one month at a time.

Let's take a look back at March (that's so 5 months ago)...

Parker was on a kick where he'd want to play a round of Wheel of Fortune before bed every night. Parker had his 4 year check-up.  He did awesome and is still long and lean, but growing well and very healthy.
We visited our favorite guinea pig, Oliver, at our local library.  We usually try to…