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Funny Face

In the last week, Parker has started doing THE cutest face - as if he could get any cuter.  It's really hard to capture how hilarious and adorable it is with the camera (much better in person) plus he does it so spontaneously throughout the day. 

He will either look at you and spring this face on you in which you are do the same face to him in return...or John or I will call Parker's name and when he looks at us, we make the face to him and he will respond to us with the same face.  What a fun game.   

The components of "the face" are him almost gritting his teeth, grinning as wide as he can - a super cheesy smile, almost squinting his eyes and sticking his nose up in the air.  I hope with all my might that he will keep doing this for a long time.  It is pure joy! 

I hope to capture a really good shot of this where he's facing me - then it will promptly be blown up to a bigger size and framed.  This funny face adds so much cheer to our days.

Have a great Easter…


We sure areLUCKY to have such a happy, sweet, energetic, fun, smart, adorable, playful, curious and funny little boy.
And speaking of lucky, with St. Patrick's Day being yesterday, I thought it would be neat to do another photo comparisson of Parker - one of my favorite things to show his growth. 
Last year, Parker was only three weeks old and still so tiny.
Fast forward to a walking, almost thirteen month old that is a big bunch of cuteness and so very active.  He wore his Snoopy "Lucky Dog" shirt to church yesterday.
I am still just amazed at how much he can change in a year.  Get used to the "photo comparisson" game because I just love it!

Because of our current struggles and eating issues with Parker, anytime he does take a bite from us or put something in his own mouth, we clap and say "Yay Parker"...pretty much anything to give him praise and encourage more eating.  He gets such a kick out of the big deal we make, especially clapping.  So much…

Big Boy

It's still so hard to believe that we are starting the second year of Parker's life.  He'll be 13 months old next week and still changing daily and constantly doing new things.

I entitled this "Big Boy" because these pictures represent ways that Parker is transitioning into a little boy. 

Parker is starting to wear more shirts and pants rather than just onesies or onesies with pants.  He still wears a good amount of onesies, especially if we are staying at home all day, but he's starting to transition into more top and bottom outfits.  They make him look more grown up.  These pictures were taken on the Tuesday and Wednesday after his birthday.  As you can see, he enjoyed playing with his birthday balloons after the big day.   
Parker's also starting to have favorite shows and characters that he likes. One of which is a cute cartoon called "Bubble Guppies" (which he is watching below). He got a DVD of episodes for his birthday. Either on TV …