Monday, March 18, 2013


We sure are LUCKY to have such a happy, sweet, energetic, fun, smart, adorable, playful, curious and funny little boy.
And speaking of lucky, with St. Patrick's Day being yesterday, I thought it would be neat to do another photo comparisson of Parker - one of my favorite things to show his growth. 

Last year, Parker was only three weeks old and still so tiny.
Fast forward to a walking, almost thirteen month old that is a big bunch of cuteness and so very active.  He wore his Snoopy "Lucky Dog" shirt to church yesterday.
I am still just amazed at how much he can change in a year.  Get used to the "photo comparisson" game because I just love it!

Because of our current struggles and eating issues with Parker, anytime he does take a bite from us or put something in his own mouth, we clap and say "Yay Parker"...pretty much anything to give him praise and encourage more eating.  He gets such a kick out of the big deal we make, especially clapping.  So much so that he makes the cutest smiling faces and gets excited himself.  Unfortunately, he still doesn't eat too well, but anytime he does we are quick to applaud him and he gets super excited.
Lucky are we!

Until we meet again...

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