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Lucky Dog

Today is of course St. Patrick's Day and that doesn't mean too much for us except to have some fun wearing a little green.  Hopefully when Parker's a little older, we might make various green foods or do some activities and crafts involving the color green.

I have taken Parker's picture the last 3 years on St. Patrick's Day and wanted to go down memory lane.  The shirt he wore last year I bought in two sizes, so he's wearing the same shirt today (only a bigger size). 

Parker's first St. Patrick's Day - he was a wee 3 weeks old.
Last year, Parker was a few weeks past turning one.  St. Patrick's Day was on a Sunday last year so these pictures were taken right before church. 

And oh my - now we have a two year old on our hands, but he looks 10!  Where did that wee baby go? He's changed so much since the sets of pictures above from last year.  He's still as cute as ever and has eyes that melts me heart! (you know I had to throw in a little lep…

House Update ~ Final Walk Through

On Sunday, we made a quick, overnight trip to the Dallas area to check on our new house in Royse City.  We had to do a final walk through with the builder to look everything over inside and out and make sure everything looked good and there weren't any issues.  We went over some paperwork and information and then walked all over the house and outside to point out anything that needed to be taken care of.  Luckily, there wasn't a lot.  We did notice a few things so they will take care of those for us before we move in. 

There were still a few outside areas to finish - the gutters, sprinklers, yard, mailbox and John's shop.  They should have that wrapped up in the next day or two.  We hadn't seen the house in about a month, so we were really excited to see the almost finished product.  We were so pleased with the house and how it turned out.  We are extremely blessed.  We also got to meet a few of our neighbors so that was fun. Then seem to be really nice people that we…