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Won't you be my neighbor?

We have lived in our new home on our new street for about a year and a few months and we love it.  It feels like home. Two years ago, we knew it was time for a change and we made the decision to sell our house.  As we do with all major decision, we prayed about it.  Our house sold in a couple of days so it was the right decision obviously.  We also prayed that God would lead us to a wonderful place to live with great neighbors and He answered our prayers and blessed us abundantly. 
We have been very happy with our home and our neighborhood.  It's been a blessing to our family and Parker loves and enjoys it so much.   In the 16 months we have lived here, we have created many memories in our home and around the neighborhood - holiday fun, birthday parties, ladies' dinners, playtime outside, sharing meals and yummy treats, walks down the streets, talking with neighbors, helping one another and doing life together.  I repeat - we are blessed and God is good.    
We have been es…

Vacation Bible School 2015

The third week of June was Vacation Bible School at our church.  I helped last year, but Parker was unable to come because of just starting therapy for his SPD.

I was so excited to go together this year.  I helped teach a 2nd grade class and Parker was in the three year old class.  Our theme was called "Journey Off the Map" - all about exploring and understanding that Jesus is our guide.  It was a really fun theme - so many neat decorations and features.  The music was great and Parker and I are still singing all of the songs.

Headed to church to start off the week.   My 2nd grade class was full of 19 kids and 17 of them were boys.  I will let you do the math to figure out how many girls there were. Yeah that's - they were an energetic bunch.  I was beat by the end of the week. 
I snuck a picture of Parker at snack time on the first day.   I'm not sure how many children attended, but it was a few hundred. We had lots o' kids! One morning, Parker was…