Won't you be my neighbor?

We have lived in our new home on our new street for about a year and a few months and we love it.  It feels like home.
Two years ago, we knew it was time for a change and we made the decision to sell our house.  As we do with all major decision, we prayed about it.  Our house sold in a couple of days so it was the right decision obviously.  We also prayed that God would lead us to a wonderful place to live with great neighbors and He answered our prayers and blessed us abundantly. 

We have been very happy with our home and our neighborhood.  It's been a blessing to our family and Parker loves and enjoys it so much.  
In the 16 months we have lived here, we have created many memories in our home and around the neighborhood - holiday fun, birthday parties, ladies' dinners, playtime outside, sharing meals and yummy treats, walks down the streets, talking with neighbors, helping one another and doing life together.  I repeat - we are blessed and God is good.    

We have been especially fortunate to have wonderful next door neighbors - the Burden family.  They moved in about 8-9 months after us so we have only known them for about 7-8 months, but it feels like they have been forever friends.  I'm grateful for their family and the relationships we have formed thus far.  

Parker is very fond of the three awesome Burden kids (as our John and I) ~ Haley, Tristan and Avery.  They have been very sweet to Parker and have treated him so kindly - which is heart warming for us as his parents.  They have played with him for hours, looked out for him and brought him so much joy.  Parker loves his friends!   He is smitten with Haley and Avery and really enjoys playing with Tristan.

I wanted to document some highlights from their friendship so far.  I'm thankful he has fun kiddos to play with that live right next door.

Avery and Parker sitting on their four-wheeler and riding in a little car from a few doors down.

One afternoon - we got a little wild with the water hose and sprinkler and everyone got wet...including me!
Parker and his favorite Golden Deb, Haley.  Haley is on the drill team at the high school - she'll be in 10th grade this year. They came over one night before Parker went to bed - hence the bug pajamas.

Oh Ms. Renee (Mom to the Burden clan).  She's been such a blessing to me and us.  Parker adores her and I've greatly enjoyed getting to know her.  We have formed a sweet friendship in a matter of months.  She takes good care of Parker ~ she's fun.  We've spent many a night watching all the kiddos enjoy the great outdoors. 
John and I can never play Clue.  It's not exactly a two person game.  It kind of ruins the mystery! Soooo, the week of VBS we had them over to play with us.  We played two games and had a blast. 

Recently, Renee and the kids invited us to go see a local production of Suessical the Musical.  Parker had never been to anything like this, but we had fun and he did pretty well overall.  We all went to the show and Chick-fil-a for lunch - good times! 

One night we ended up in Mr. Mike's (Dad to the Burden clan) shop when we were all outside and it started to rain.  We had lots of fun sitting around talking and laughing. 

Parker enjoyed sitting on a big stool having deep conversations with Tristan.  I love these pictures.  Tristan is so sweet - a seventh grader talking to a three year old.  Guys being guys!

Avery taught Parker "Pat a Cake" - he wants to do it every time we are outside.

Sharing popsicles - we've gone through several of these this summer. 
You are never too big for a sand box. Right Haley?!
Or an inflatable pool - eh, girls?!

Last Saturday, they came over to help us with a gallery wall project and Parker was pleased as punch to have them over for a couple of hours.  Avery (who will be in 5th grade) helped so much with Parker and kept him entertained.  
Haley was away at camp all last week for drill team so we were happy to see her home Friday night.  Parker missed her so we stayed out late to play. 

You never know where life will lead and how long you will be in one place, but for now...it's a wonderful day in the neighborhood!

Until we meet again...