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Twelve Months

Parker Holt, you are ONE YEAR OLD! 

Here is a trip down memory lane at all of your monthly pictures.  I'm sure going to miss these...
I guess it's a good thing the monthly picture taking is coming to an end because the twelfth month did not go so well - ha! You were so interested in the sticker that I could hardly snap the picture before you had it off of your shirt and were playing with it.  We did get a couple of good ones though, plus a few outtakes. 
Then you decided to stand up in the chair - you've come a long way from the days of us propping you up in the corner of the chair.
In fact, here you a one month old laying in the corner and then a big, 12 month old boy standing! My how you have changed.
You had your one year check-up with Dr. Rester on Tuesday and you are 30 1/2" long and weigh 21 pounds and 4 ounces.  You have gained 14 pounds and 4 ounces and grown 10 1/4" since birth.  You are "long and lean" according to the doctor. Your head and…