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Halloween Weekend 2014

Between our Fall Festival at church, Halloween night and a neighbor's birthday party - we had a fun-filled few days of celebrating last week.

Picture overload WARNING... I tried narrowing down all the pictures we took to a few of my favorites and still ended up with about 60 between the three events.  I promise you'll enjoy them all though (at least I did!)     

Let's take a quick look back at Parker's first two Halloween costumes.  The cutest Charlie Brown and Linus that you ever did see.

Halloween 2012...

Halloween 2013... This year's costume was quite a bit different than the lovable Peanuts gang...
Beware of the SHARK! (or Sharker as John cleverly came up with).  Have you ever seen a more adorable shark? I enjoyed making Parker's costume so much this year.  I made/put together his first two Halloween costumes and knew I wanted to do something homemade again this year.  Parker really enjoys sea creatures and had a blast at the aquarium so I thought a shar…