Halloween Weekend 2014

Between our Fall Festival at church, Halloween night and a neighbor's birthday party - we had a fun-filled few days of celebrating last week.

Picture overload WARNING... I tried narrowing down all the pictures we took to a few of my favorites and still ended up with about 60 between the three events.  I promise you'll enjoy them all though (at least I did!)     

Let's take a quick look back at Parker's first two Halloween costumes.  The cutest Charlie Brown and Linus that you ever did see.

Halloween 2012...

Halloween 2013...
This year's costume was quite a bit different than the lovable Peanuts gang...

Beware of the SHARK! (or Sharker as John cleverly came up with).  Have you ever seen a more adorable shark?
I enjoyed making Parker's costume so much this year.  I made/put together his first two Halloween costumes and knew I wanted to do something homemade again this year.  Parker really enjoys sea creatures and had a blast at the aquarium so I thought a shark would be a neat idea.  I looked around for ideas on how to make one...so I used some of the tips I found and came up with a few things on my own.  I love the way it turned out. 

Last Wednesday night, we went to the Fall Festival at our church.  This is a big, highly attended event every year.  Parker did really well and had a great time.   
The shark and his Daddy waiting for the tractor to pick us up for the hayride. 
Parker LOVES tractors so this was a happy sight for him to see - he really enjoyed the hayride.
Notice how he wants to keep his focus up ahead on the tractor rather than be bothered by a group picture - ha! Oh how I treasure our little family - fills me with such joy! 

Parker and sweet Zoey (or Doc McStuffins).  Parker and Zoey are in the same Sunday school class and have been together since they were babies. (Parker was born in February and Zoey in April)

Zoey loves Parker and is so sweet to him and excited to see him each Sunday.  We recently started going to a new Sunday class and Zoey's parents are in there.  It's been nice to get to know them better and talk about these growing kiddos we have - can't believe they will both be 3 next year!  Zoey has a little sister on the way as well - exciting times!

There was a little petting zoo - the ducks were Parker's favorite.

He even got to climb inside a fire truck - he loved it and wasn't ready to get out. 
We love our church and it was a beautiful fall night for some good ol' family fun. 

On Halloween night, we ordered pizza and went trick or treating on our street with a few of our neighbors.  There are several young kids on our street so that makes it lots of fun.  It was a cool, but really nice night.  This was Parker's first time to go door-to-door trick or treating - he had a good time.  He was a little unsure of what all was going on at first, but he got the hang of it - it was really to watch. 

Norma, one of our neighbor's down the street, even made cups of apple cider for everyone to keep us warm while candy hunting!  We are so blessed to be in this new neighborhood.  

On Sunday afternoon, we had a birthday party to go to for Lincoln who lives a few houses down from us.  He turned 5 and had a superhero birthday party at a local children's museum.  Lincoln and Parker have enjoyed playing together.  Lincoln may be a couple of years older, but he's so sweet to Parker and plays with him so well.  Lincoln has a little sister, Landrey, that will be one in December.  

We had never been to the museum before, but it was awesome.  Parker had a ball - he would have stayed all afternoon.  It had a lot of hands-on exhibits and things to play with.  There were lots of activities to do and things to "play pretend" with.  

Parker and the birthday boy - the both wore Batman shirts!

I love, love this precious boy of mine!
This is Landrey, Lincoln's sister.  Isn't she a doll? She just turned 10 months old and has been walking for a while.  She's so cute!

Taking in all of the birthday excitement. 
He went to town on the pizza and cake - yummy in our tummies!
Sit down in your thinkin' chair and think, think, think...

The airplane was hands down Parker's favorite part of the museum. He must have played in this 20 times or more. 

The bubble room - pop!

Dillon (who turned one in May) lives down the street.  He and Parker had matching shirts. What a cute pair!
Our little superhero - what a great day!  This was Parker's first birthday party and he enjoyed it so much.  We will definitely be going back to the museum as well. 
So much fun in just a couple of days and the fun is just beginning.  We are but three weeks away from Thanksgiving and then the Christmas season begins.  We have a lot going on between now and the end of the year and lots of fun stuff planned.  Parker is at such a neat age - especially for the holiday season.  I am bursting with excitement for all the great things coming up.  Rest assured, I'll be sharing pictures of it all as I can.

Until we meet again...


  1. He made such a cute little Charlie Brown!! Kudos to you for making his shark costume!! I love his and Zoey's friendship and am glad we are getting to know you and John!


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