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Summer Fun ~ 2015

Summer is coming to an end and Fall (my very favorite season) is fast approaching - insert a big hip hip hooray here!

Over Memorial Day weekend, we made a "Summer Fun List".  We put 20 activities on it to help us to be intentional about enjoying activities specific to summer...or at least more fun in the summer!  I tried to take pictures of everything we did, but I'm not sure I was successful.  Nevertheless, I wanted to share pictures from some of our summer o' fun!

These pictures are all about summer - some from our list and some are just other shots capturing our summer days.  I'm not a huge summer fan, but I enjoyed this summer a lot more than I have others.  It was a good one - lots of memories made. I'm grateful!

This summer was about...

{Painting sun catchers}

{Playing in the sandbox}
{Sweet sunny smiles} {Getting wet}

{Eating Popsicles}
{Family Reunions} {Vacation Bible School}

{Playing the the grass}