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The Great Outdoors

I know what you are thinking..."A blog post in back to back weeks?" I know I can't pull it off every week, I'm still shooting for once or twice a month, but I'll take what I can get.  I had a little time this afternoon, so I thought I'd fit in a quick post. If you read the title then you'll know that all of these pictures are taken, you guessed it, outside! Last Sunday afternoon, Parker and I went for a bicycle ride down the street. It's sure starting to warm up outside, but it was a fun ride with my bike buddy! One night last week after dinner, we went outside to refill some of our bird feeders and do some plant watering.  It was particularly hot that night so it was popsicles all around! Speaking of plants and flowers, some of our pots and hanging baskets are starting to do really good.  We spend a lot of time watering everything on the front and back porches and in our flower beds, but we love all of the colors and how pretty it all looks.

Back in the Saddle

I'm not sure where to begin...

Oh how I have missed this blog.  For several years, this was a place to write, share pictures and capture what was going on in our lives.

However as the years have gone by, life has gotten busier and other things have become more of a priority and taken more of my time - and for good reason. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't immensely miss this space and the opportunity to journal and reflect on photos we've taken.  Over the past year and a half or so, I've thought about blogging more times than I can count and mentioned it to John on many, many occasions (just ask him). The desire is always there, but the time I'd like to devote to it always isn't.

I really want to blog again on a somewhat regular basis.  And for me that may be 1-2 times a month to start - and that's okay. I am hoping to play a little catch up and highlight a few things that have gone on in 2018 thus far or I may just start where we are now and go for…