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Well, we are about 10 days from July and I am continuing my endeavor to catch up with this dear ol' blog of mine. I'm still attempting to play catch up with a month at a time.  So let's head back to February of this year, shall we? 
Consider yourself warned - there are LOTS of pictures!  February is a BIG month in our family.  Without further ado, here's what we had going on in February... We kicked off the month with a countdown to Parker's 4th birthday.  Parker loves doing countdowns and we have made several over the years. In our homeschool preschool this month we covered J is for Jelly Beans, K is for Kite and L is for Ladybug.  We also played with our new pattern blocks.

John and I celebrated our birthdays - sweet time spent together as a family.  I turned 37 and John started his last year in his 30s by turning 39. Forty - here we come!