Well, we are about 10 days from July and I am continuing my endeavor to catch up with this dear ol' blog of mine. I'm still attempting to play catch up with a month at a time.  So let's head back to February of this year, shall we? 

Consider yourself warned - there are LOTS of pictures!  February is a BIG month in our family.  Without further ado, here's what we had going on in February...
We kicked off the month with a countdown to Parker's 4th birthday.  Parker loves doing countdowns and we have made several over the years.
In our homeschool preschool this month we covered J is for Jelly Beans, K is for Kite and L is for Ladybug.  We also played with our new pattern blocks.

John and I celebrated our birthdays - sweet time spent together as a family.  I turned 37 and John started his last year in his 30s by turning 39. Forty - here we come!

We also celebrated our 13th year of marriage.  Being married to this guy is the absolute best and I sure love doing life with him!

We had several "Happy Sunday"s spent at church...

We watched and enjoyed the Super Bowl with lots of yummy food!
We played in our footie jammies...
I mean, can you handle the cuteness below?!

We had a jam session with the neighbors.

And then played a little soccer...
We made a cute car out of a cardboard box and some household and craft items.

We jumped to the moon!
Daddy was off on President's Day so we took Parker to Chuck E. Cheese - a reward he had earned.

We drove to my hometown, Odessa, Texas, to celebrate with our niece Hillary and husband Jake at their baby shower.  Hillary made me an Aunt for the first time when I was in 7th grade and now I'm a great Aunt.  She gave birth to sweet baby Addison in April. 

We celebrated Parker Boy's 4th Birthday!
This picture was taken on his last night as a three year old. Time just moves too fast for my taste.
His present from Mommy and Daddy awaited him on the morning of his birthday.
For the second year in a row, weather messed up our original birthday plans, but we went to Plan B really quick to make it a super special day.

We had donuts for breakfast (one of Parker's favorite foods), I took him to look at the fish at Wal-Mart, had leftover homemade pizza for lunch (another one of his favorite foods), made and decorated his birthday cake together, went to Red Lobster for dinner (his choice) and made a stop by Tractor Supply on the way home to spend some birthday money.  Oh and we also ate said birthday cake and opened presents!  

The Saturday following Parker's birthday, we had a little John Deere themed birthday party at our house.  (I did a separate post on the party if you are interested in reading that.)  

Whew, we made it through a full and busy month, but it's one of our favorites - lots of celebrating and special times!
Next up...March.  I know you are on the edge of your seat!

Until we meet again...