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Mission Trip

Oh blog, my long lost friend - we meet again! I'm sorry that I have ignored you for the past month and a half.  Life has been full...don't take it personal.
Shall I re-introduce myself?  Are there any readers still out there?  Hello? Anyone?
Hopefully I can get caught up on the ol' blog in the coming months.  I sure do love to blog, but lots of other things I love fill up my days and it's pushed down on the priority list.  I do what I can when I can - that's just the way it goes in this busy season.
I digress - let's move on...
In mid-April, John went with a group from our church on an international mission trip.  The traveled to southeast Asia (that's about all of the detail I can give).  John has been wanting to go on a trip like this for a while.  I'm so glad he was able to go - it was quite an experience in so many ways.  I admire the obedience and faith he had to do what he did.  
He was apart from us for about 12 days - this is the longest we…