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Loads of Fun ~ Our Laundry Room

We have lived in our house for about 10 months now and overall we are pretty settled.

However, being the project person that I am (insert my sweet husband's patience here)...I have a list of things I still want to do regarding the house.

There are items I want to purchase, crafting to be done, furniture I want to paint or replace, pieces I want to build or make, planting and landscaping to be added, areas to organize better, a garage sale to prepare for - whew!

When we moved in, I made a room by room list as well as one for outside projects.  We have made a lot of progress and crossed a lot off, but more yet to do.  It doesn't help that I keep adding to the list.

I've been wanting to share pictures of each room, but I keep thinking I want to wait until the room is completely done.  Well, the reality is, that may be a while.  Life is full to the brim right now so I can only work on said projects here and there.

So I thought as time allows (hopefully over the course of …

Christmas Day 2014

This should be the last post to close out 2014 and then I can get back to catching up on life lately and various things going on around here.  I feel like if I could ever get caught up, I can maybe, get on track to blog every week or two (or three or four - ha!), but only time will tell.
I digress...let's go back and revisit Christmas Day! 
With us being in our new house this year, we decided to spend Christmas at home rather than travel. As it was with Thanksgiving, we did miss our families, but we sure enjoyed our time at home.  It was a sweet and special day.  
John and I woke up and drank a little coffee while we went through our stockings.  We each stuff each other's stockings with a card, a bit of candy and usually 3-4 fun stocking stuffers.  About that time, Parker woke up.  
We had told him on Christmas Even night that Santa would be coming during the night and leaving a special surprise for him, so when we went in his room Christmas morning he sat up in bed and whisp…

Christmas Fun

We are continuing to play catch-up on the ol' Ussery blog so let's carry on shall we?

These pictures are a smorgasbord from Christmas - they illustrate some of the fun we had between Thanksgiving and Christmas during the season.

Parker and I made a paper chain to countdown to Christmas.  We actually have a couple of different countdowns, but this was fun to make. What a cute little reindeer we had running around the house! Parker had some cute holiday duds, so we tried to wear them as much as possible. Here's Parker last Christmas (Christmas 2013) wearing the same outfit as above -growing boy! Parker had fun helping me go to the post office to mail all of our Christmas cards.  We sent over 100 to 11 different states and even one overseas.  For an early Christmas treat, Mamaw (my Mom) sent Parker a Build-a-Bear gift card so we took Parker one Saturday and he made Rudolph.  His nose even glows - it was a fun morning (thanks Mamaw)!
We had some new neighbors move in next …