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Family 4th Weekend

Last Wednesday, we made a trip to my Dad and Kristin's house in Fredericksburg to celebrate Independence Day and then we all went to a family reunion in Concan over the weekend.  We had a really nice time spending some time in Fredericksburg before the reunion - it's been a favorite town of mine since I was a young girl.

We took lots of picture so I thought we'd share a few of the best ones...

Do we have a future pianist on our hands?  Maybe so!  Parker had fun playing on Granny's piano - he loves music.  We plan on having Parker take piano lessons down the road. 

The picture below is my new favorite of my two handsome boys - they are having tons of fun and Parker is so happy!
Parker got to ride around on the mower with Grandpa - he enjoys mowers and tractors. No cutting necessary, he just likes to go for a ride.

Playtime in the backyard.  In case you are wondering, Parker is wearing a "Lederhosen".  It was a gift from Granny and Grandpa.  It's a tradit…