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Brought To You By The Letter P

As I started looking through our recent pictures that I wanted to share, I noticed a theme - the letter "P".  I love a good alliteration so here's to the 16th letter of the alphabet.

First up...


In our new house, we decided not to make our extra bedroom into a guest room.  We decided that we would get more use out of it as a playroom/office/learning area.  We call it "the playroom" and that's what Parker knows it as.  As with many areas of the house, we aren't finished and still have some tweaking to do, but here's a bit of a look at where it stands now.  It's usually a tad messy so I snapped a few pictures the other day when we had cleaned it up.
I made this fun sign for the door a few weeks ago. 

We are still deciding on decor on the wall behind the TV.  This "TV cabinet" is actually a dresser.  It was in our master bedroom in the old house, but it now hold puzzles, toys and craft supplies.  It works perfect.���…

Life Lately

I have been absent from the blogging world, yet again.  For the past month or so, life has been very busy - more so than usual.  All good things, but our days have been full to the brim. All our time is spent doing something.

I still desire to keep the blog updated every week or two, but life will have to slow down a bit first.  I thought until then, I would do a recap of what we have been up to for the past several weeks.  This may be picture and detail overload, but a good way to see what's been going on with us lately.

The last time I blogged, I shared our decorations for Independence Day so let's pick it up from there.

We had a great 3-day weekend celebrating the 4th!  We didn't travel or have any guests...the three of us just had a fun and long family weekend.  We did lots of playing, eating, work around the house (still working on several projects) and hit the town a little bit.  We did lots of cooking over the three days - John gave the grill a good workout and I …