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As of Sunday, Parker was 16 months old - the boy is growing ever so fast.  We've heard people say that you don't realize how fast time goes until you have children and watch how quickly they grow and change - those people were right.  I so vividly remember the day we were driving to the hospital to have him.  Now our baby boy is a walking, talking ball of energy, fun and playfulness.  He's grown up so much in these past few months - really becoming more and more like a little boy and leaving those baby days behind.  He's so happy and cute...and so curious about the world around him.

Speaking of growing, back in April, John planted his vegetable garden for the year - corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, okra and watermelon.  He's made it a custom to take Parker outside everyday or every other day to check on the garden.  It'll be really neat when Parker can help with the planting, care and harvesting.  Nevertheless, when John says "garden" Parker stretch…

Father's Day 2013 & Playtime Fun

This is a "two for the price of one" deal -  a few Father's Day pictures and various pictures of Parker playing around the house in his pajamas.

First up - Father's Day!

I made John one of his favorite breakfasts to enjoy before church - chocolate chip scones. These hadn't been cut yet, but I asked John to pose with his morning treat. 
We didn't have time to get any pictures before church so we snapped a few once we got home.

Daddy and Parker in his "Team Daddy" outfit.  Parker is holding his hands out to show "this much".  I asked him "How much do Daddy and I love you?" and he ALWAYS answers with arms spread wide to say "this much".
A couple of pictures outside - Parker's favorite place to be!

After lunch, it was card and present time!  John got a couple of cards in the mail from our parents.  It was so nice of them to remember him on this special day.  Parker and I each got him a card, plus we made him a homedm…

Happy Father's Day!

Parker and I want to wish his Daddy a very HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

We will take a few pictures before church later this morning, but here is Parker and John last year on Father's Day (Parker was almost 4 months old).

Hugs in his pajamas before church...
After church in his "Daddy's Little Buddy" onesise...
Here's a recent picture for a year to year comparison...
As you well know by now, I love comparing various photos from year to year, but I digress - back to FATHER'S DAY!
John is THE BEST Daddy - or "Dada" or "Dadee" as Parker affectionately calls him.  I knew John would be such a great Dad before Parker was even born and he has exceeded my expectations.
I love and appreciate so many things about John as a Dad, but what I am most thankful for is how incredibly hands-on he is.  A lot of Dad's aren't, so I never want to take this for granted.  John is 100% involved and active in Parker's daily life - good, bad, easy and diffic…