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Parker's 2nd Birthday Party

Last Sunday, we celebrated our super special boy and his super special second birthday!! I had high hopes of putting on a big bash back home, thinking we would be moved back by then, but the house isn't quite finished yet so we had a little party here in Arkansas.  However, I still wanted to make the day fun and memorable for my little boy.  Hopefully for birthday #3 we'll be able to have a fun party in our new house with even more family and friends.  But for this year, John's parents kindly let me take over their kitchen/dining area to set up a little birthday party for Parker. 

Parker's #1 love is the Bubble Guppies.  If you aren't familiar with them, it is a really cute show that airs on Nickelodeon weekday mornings.  It's takes place in an underwater city and is about a teacher (Mr. Grouper) and his class of students or the guppies as they are better known.  There are six of them - three girls and three boys.  Each show focuses on one topic and they learn …