Parker's 2nd Birthday Party

Last Sunday, we celebrated our super special boy and his super special second birthday!! I had high hopes of putting on a big bash back home, thinking we would be moved back by then, but the house isn't quite finished yet so we had a little party here in Arkansas.  However, I still wanted to make the day fun and memorable for my little boy.  Hopefully for birthday #3 we'll be able to have a fun party in our new house with even more family and friends.  But for this year, John's parents kindly let me take over their kitchen/dining area to set up a little birthday party for Parker. 

Parker's #1 love is the Bubble Guppies.  If you aren't familiar with them, it is a really cute show that airs on Nickelodeon weekday mornings.  It's takes place in an underwater city and is about a teacher (Mr. Grouper) and his class of students or the guppies as they are better known.  There are six of them - three girls and three boys.  Each show focuses on one topic and they learn about that topic throughout the whole show through songs, dance, lunch, playing outside, playing pretend, etc.  There have been topics like the circus, colors, the Sphinx, going to school, cars, holidays, bugs, animals, dentists, doctors, supermarkets, seasons, hair, restaurants - such variety and so many good, lesson-learning topics.  It has bright colors, great songs, humor and is very educational.  Parker has learned so much from watching it and LOVES it!! He's memorized a lot of the episodes and can sing so many of the songs.

All of that being said, there was no question as to what his birthday theme was going to be.  I actually starting thinking of all sorts of ideas months ago, but wasn't able to go all out since we didn't have a big party so I scaled it back some for a simpler party.  No matter if it is just the three of us or a host of family and friends, I always want birthdays, holidays and special occasions to be fun and memorable for Parker and our family.

We started off the morning with waffles and funfetti sprinkle pancakes for the birthday boy.   

I wanted to create and "undersea" feel with bubbles (actually blue and white balloons) and cool colors.  I wanted to incorporate a few different things from the show that I knew Parker would enjoy.  I ordered the Bubble Guppies napkins, punch cups and balloons, but everything else I had, bought or made.  I had fun making several things for the big day.

There are a couple of times during the show when Mr. Grouper (their teacher) asks "What time is it?" and it's usually "lunch" or to "go outside" so that explains this sign.

Parker enjoyed watching the Bubble Guppies while Mommy did some decorating and the party got underway - or underwater...however you want to put it.  He's so captivated and loves his guppy friends so much.  He has his two year molars taking forever to come in, so you'll notice some finger chewing - poor guy!

Are we proud parents or what?

He was blessed with so many wonderful cards and gifts - he's a lucky boy and we are thankful for all who thought about him on his special day.

Parker's absolute favorite food is PIZZA so no question the meal of choice for the party - plus it's super easy with little clean-up.
Hugs for Mommy from the birthday boy. 
I was beyond impressed with how Parker's birthday cake turned out.  I knew I wanted Mr. Grouper on it because Parker adores him and had ideas of other colors I wanted incorporated.  Parker's Daddy sweetly took a picture to the bakery along with some of my thoughts and it was better than I imagined.  It was super delicious too! Kudos to Ed's Bakery in Conway, Arkansas!  
As you know, we are temporarily living with John's parents so they were here to celebrate too and we invited a couple of John's Aunts and Uncles to come for pizza and cake.  It was nice of them to come by for a little while and enjoy the festivities. 

Present time!

Parker wasn't too interested in blowing out his candle, in Daddy did the honors. 
Parker with Grandma and Grandad (John's Mom and Dad - Mark and Karen).  I know they've enjoyed having Parker around for the past 5 months.  
Daddy and the birthday boy - sure do love having these two boys in my life.
Mommy and the birthday boy!  So happy and blessed to be his Mommy. 
Our sweet family of three!  We had such a great day celebrating Parker Holt and his second birthday.  It was SWIMsational and we had a FINtastic time! 
In other news, we are starting to pack and gather, get things organized and make arrangements to move back to Texas - hooray!  We are so very anxious and excited.  We have a long list of things to do and know it will be a bit chaotic when we get back and for several weeks to follow, but we are ready.  Not too much longer! 

Until we meet again...


  1. What a fun time you all had! Wish we could have been there to celebrate that adorable boy!!! I can't believe Parker is already 2. How has so much time gone by? We definitely need a Billett/Ussery weekend to reconnect and let our precious little boys play, play, play! Owen would love it, and I am sure Parker would too! I sure do miss all of you!


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