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Still swingin', after all these months...

We are in our final week here at home so there is lots of last minute packing going on, calls being made, plans being mapped out, loads taken to storage, cleaning and organizing galore, lists being checked again and again, items being piled up to keep with us for the next few months, addresses being changed - tired yet? I needn't say more - it's a busy time in many ways! And it's only Monday. 
I had a few thing to do in the garage this morning so John set up the pack and play in the garage so I could have Parker with me, but keep him contained! Otherwise he'd make a break for it and be down the street in about 2.6 seconds. He's a speedy one.
After I was working for a while and he was playing away, he was starting to get restless (he will only wants to stay in there so long) and then I hear "wing", "wing". Hmmm - my Mommy interpreting skills weren't working too well. But then... Alas, he was pointing at his baby swing! He wanted to "wing&q…

Little Star

We are Dallas Cowboys fans in our house.  We are big sports fans and they are one of our teams.  Being a Cowboys fan for so many years has had it's ups and downs for sure.  Unfortunately, the past few seasons have been a bit more on the down and frustrating side, but like all good fans, we continue to watch and cheer.  
On Sunday night, their new season started and we were anxious to watch the game. Parker's bath/bedtime came right after the game started so I made a few yummy snacks to eat before the game and then we had a relaxing evening watching the game after Parker was in bed.
Earlier on Sunday while we were hanging out and watching other football games, I wanted to take a few pictures of the Ussery clan sporting their Cowboys shirts! 
This never gets old for me, but I love comparing photos from year to year. 
This is our little star last year as the season kicked off - about 6 1/2 months old... And this year... Is it just me or does this boy look 8 instead of 18 months?…

Scenes from the Store

Every Tuesday morning, Parker and I have a shopping date. We always go to Target and Kroger for groceries, but sometimes we might go to another store or two if we have specific things to get or take care of. 
I of course don't tote our digital camera to every store we go to, but thankfully these new-fangled phones have cameras in case there is a Kodak moment to capture while on the go. Outside of taking a pictures to text, I am not a big fan of phone pictures. I much prefer the quality of a "real camera" picture and the option to edit, print, save on the computer, etc. -  l digress.
These pictures are various ones I have taken over the last couple of weeks while we have been out and about. 
This isn't technically a "store" picture, but one day we stopped in for a haircut before grocery shopping. This precious boy doesn't much fancy having his haircut so he's headed for the door and handsome as ever! 
One week we went to Rowlett (about a 20-25 minute dri…