Little Star

We are Dallas Cowboys fans in our house.  We are big sports fans and they are one of our teams.  Being a Cowboys fan for so many years has had it's ups and downs for sure.  Unfortunately, the past few seasons have been a bit more on the down and frustrating side, but like all good fans, we continue to watch and cheer.  

On Sunday night, their new season started and we were anxious to watch the game. Parker's bath/bedtime came right after the game started so I made a few yummy snacks to eat before the game and then we had a relaxing evening watching the game after Parker was in bed.

Earlier on Sunday while we were hanging out and watching other football games, I wanted to take a few pictures of the Ussery clan sporting their Cowboys shirts! 

This never gets old for me, but I love comparing photos from year to year. 

This is our little star last year as the season kicked off - about 6 1/2 months old...
And this year... Is it just me or does this boy look 8 instead of 18 months? 
Such a cutie! 

Me and my little love - impossible to describe how much I love being his Mommy every single day - pure joy!
These boys have my heart - two precious blessings.
The best of many attempts at a family shot. Parker was not too interested.
Then the silliness ensued and he started rolling around in a load of towels and sheets to be folded. He loves laundry.

Uh oh - so young yet so smart. He's already got the hang of the remote and recliner on game day.
And unrelated to the game, I managed to snap a couple of pictures before church Sunday morning. Jeans and "guga" (chugga) shirt. I do declare he is a handsome one. 

It was a fun Sunday with my boys!

Until we meet again...