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Glass Cleaner

In my new role as a Domestice Engineer (click here for that post), I am looking for ways to save money and cut costs.

I've always been a "coupon clipper", but I went from a semi-casual clipper to a more attentive and focused clipper now that I'm blessed with more time - matching ads and coupons together. I hope to blog more about "couponing" in the future. In these past 2 weeks, I've saved a good amount of money thanks to coupons so hopefully I can share some tips and ideas.

But today I wanted to share another way to save money - making things at home. There are several ways to save money while staying right inside your home. Whether it be with meals and cooking, making homemade gifts, crafting, being resourceful with items around the house, making a few budget changes...and so on, there are ways to save at home.

Today, I wanted to share that I've been making my own glass cleaner. I purchased a spray bottle at the dollar store and mixed up my own clea…

My Grammy ~ My Memories

Next Tuesday, May 24th, will mark one month since Grammy passed away and went to be with the Lord. She died peacefully on Easter morning. Although a month has passed, my heart still hurts and I am deeply saddened. I know that time heals pain, but as the years go on, I will always remember her, think of her and miss her...just as I do with my other grandparents.

I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and share a few pictures. I have some special memories I wanted to relive. Though it may be a little random and out of order, I want to share my thoughts and recollections with Grammy.

I remember...

I remember cooking and baking with you. I remember watching you in the kitchen. Still to this day, your coconut pie and chocolate pie are my favorite. When I make chocolate pie, I use your recipe - what a treasure. I loved that you would always make both of them together. Never did I remember you making a chocolate pie without a coconut pie to join it. I never liked meatloaf, and still don'…

The Next Chapter ~ Domestic Engineer

My dear friend Sylvia e-mailed me the following a few days ago...

"As you live your life and continue to write the 'Book of Riley', there will be many chapters. Each chapter is an opportunity to experience new things and learn life's lessons. It is a cycle you will repeat throughout your life and every chapter is important. With a heavy heart, but also a sense of relief, you will close another chapter in your book this week. Rejoice in your accomplishments and look to the next chapter with excitement. For every day is a gift from the Lord. Congratualtions on this chapter for a job well done and good luck on the opportunities you will face in your next chapter. Wishing you nothing but happiness and love!"

It was a perfect summation for what has gone on in my life this week. After 5 years of working at Lon Lovell, CPA, my time there has ended as of yesterday. I started working there on July 10, 2006 and yesterday was my last day.

Due to various reasons and factors and…