My Grammy ~ My Memories

Next Tuesday, May 24th, will mark one month since Grammy passed away and went to be with the Lord. She died peacefully on Easter morning. Although a month has passed, my heart still hurts and I am deeply saddened. I know that time heals pain, but as the years go on, I will always remember her, think of her and miss her...just as I do with my other grandparents.

I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and share a few pictures. I have some special memories I wanted to relive. Though it may be a little random and out of order, I want to share my thoughts and recollections with Grammy.

I remember...

I remember cooking and baking with you. I remember watching you in the kitchen. Still to this day, your coconut pie and chocolate pie are my favorite. When I make chocolate pie, I use your recipe - what a treasure. I loved that you would always make both of them together. Never did I remember you making a chocolate pie without a coconut pie to join it. I never liked meatloaf, and still don't, but I remember loving to help you make it for you and Flash. I loved to get my hands all dirty by squishing the hamburger meat with crackers, tomato sauce and other ingredients. It was great fun! I even rember the bowl you used - it was a lemon yellow plastic bowl with handle and spout. I'm so thankful that you gave that to me a few months ago. I've used it so much and I think of you everytime I use it. Just yesterday, I used it to soak a bag of pinto beans in.

I remember how you and Flash were always at our activities, events and games. I'm grateful that you would come to cheerleading/football games, band performances, Girl Scout activities, parades, school programs and so on. I was lucky to have you and Flash so involved in my childhood and "growing up" years.

I remember how you would pick us up from school and we would stay at your house until Mom or Dad got off of work. I remember watching tv and having snacks after school and helping you get supper started sometimes. I also remember how we got to stay with you when we were sick and needed to stay home from school. I thought that was such a big deal. I remember how fun it was to watch game shows all day long.

I remember working with you and Flash mowing lawns in the summer. It was SO HOT, but it was neat. I remember sometimes going to McDonalds for breakfast before or after working depending on how many lawns there were that day. You always had a good supply of Squirt and Country Time lemonade iced down to keep us cool and refreshed.

I remember how much you loved to go to garage sales and how I enjoyed going along with you and Mom looking for great bargains or "treasures".

I remember you and Flash living in Durango, Colorado and how fun it was to come and visit. I adored the house you lived in and could write another post of my memories there. It was beautiful! I also remember the time I came and stayed with you when ya'll lived in Lubbock - we had lots of fun. I remember the "Santa Monica" house. Again, I could do another post just on my memories in that house - from holidays to swimming...from playing with my cousins and banana splits...from running up and down the stairs playing to walking to 7-11 for candy.

I remember your sewing and teaching me to sew a little bit. Sadly, I didn't keep up with it and I'm not a seamstress at all. I remember in high school I had to do a big project for English - it was a LOVE project and I had to do all of these various activites. You helped me sew a small blanket to use for that project. I still have it.

I remember how much you loved Tweety Bird and Droopy. They remind me of you!

I remember how much you LOVED football - high school, college and NFL. Football is in my blood thanks to you and all of our family who loves football. I remember going to games with you and watching games with you - too many to count. I remember how into the games you would get and how you would holler and yell at the tv...maybe that's where I get it! I remember working on the high school playoff brackets with you and Mom.

I remember when I was going to college and working at Engine Service, I would come and eat lunch with you and Mom a couple days a week at your house. Mom would make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with chips and the three of us would watch a tv and chat.

I remember marching contest my senior year in high school. We were doing our best to make it to State Marching Contest that year (which we did -hooray!). You weren't able to watch many of my performances in high school because you were home caring for Flash. But I remember coming off of the field after performing at marching contest and standing in the parking lot visiting with everyone and up drives a golf cart with you in the passenger seat. I was so surprised and excited because you came to see me march. Wow - it's one of my most cherished memories of you.

I remember playings lots of card games and board games with you and the family. Even if you weren't up to playing, you liked to sit there and watch us play.

I remember just last year when you, Mom and I were able to spend a day together just the three of us. We started the day with Starbucks coffee and a morning visit, then we ran around town a bit and also drove by some of our old houses and took our own trip down memory lane. We went to Jason's Deli for lunch and also played a round of Liver Pool Rummy. It was a special day for us three - filled with laughs and memories.

I remember how you selflessly cared for your dearly loved Flash. You took such good care of him through his illness and loved him so much.

I could play "remember when" all day and think of story after story, but those are the ones that popped into my head first. I give thanks to God for all of my memories created and shared with you. You were so spunky and fun. You were a blast to be around - I loved it when you would get tickled. You had a great laugh. I'm glad I got to be your granddaughter.

I looked through several pictures as I was preparing to write this. It was neat to look back. Here are a few old pictures I found of Grammy and I...

I love you so much Grammy and miss you even more!

Until we meet again...


  1. What a LOVELY post, Riley Bess! I enjoyed reading these chosen memories. My favorite was the marching contest/golf cart one! I REMEMBER THAT SO VIVIDLY and how excited you were. So awesome. I remember staying at her house -- you, me, and Melody -- and eating so many cinnamon rolls that we nearly puked. Good times! Muffins and near-puking! Love you sweet friend!


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