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House Progress - Update #2

I thought I would share a few pictures from the latest visit to our new home site.  There is not a lot of change, but forms are set and pluming and foundation should be in this week - hooray!  We are hoping to see it framed by Thanksgiving. Standing in the street - you can see the forms in the distance.
Standing in what will be the front yard. 
On the right corner/side of the front of the house.

This will be the back porch.
Standing in what will be the backyard and looking at the back of the house and back out into the street.
This little bay window is where our dining table will be - cannot wait to enjoy meals here!
Standing back where the pond is - you can barely see the forms. 
My sweet and special husband - he's super excited about this here pond. 
Coming up from the pond back to the site. 

We will be back to share more when we make another trip back home.

Until we meet again...

Halloween 2013

It's Halloween - Take Two as it was Parker's second Halloween this year.  Due to the fact that we are temporarily living with John's parents, we attended their church's Fall Festival for a little bit on Halloween night - we had a good time.  He was a little overwhelmed by the scene and all of the people at first, but he settled down and had some fun.  It will be fun next year too - being able to trick or treat up and down our new little cul-de-sac and attend the Fall Festival at our church (which was cancelled this year because of all of the rain).  I think the older Parker gets the more fun he will have with this candy-filled holiday.    Let's take a quick look back at a couple of last year's Halloween pictures for a year-to-year comparisson. From Charlie Brown to Linus... 
I must say it was much harder to get pictures this year with a boy always on the run.  He was not interested in Mommy's picture taking.  It was much easier last year when he was just…