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What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I am linking up with Jamie today for "What I'm Loving Wednesday". What a fun, mid-week activity to reflect on a few things making your heart happy.

I'm loving that the Texas Rangers are playing in their first WORLD SERIES ever starting tonight! GO RANGERS - Beat those San Francisco Giants!! There is such excitement here in the Dallas area. John and I have been faithful Ranger fans all year, watching just about every game and we went to a few as well. We are hoping for sweet victory! I'm loving the devotional study we are working on right now. It was created by Focus on the Family as part of their "Essentials of Marriage" series. This one is called, "Who Did You Really Marry?" - which covers topics such as communication, personality types and love languages. We do a devotional every Tuesday night and we are really enjoing this study - we've learned a lot and laughed a lot. It also has DVD lessons with it which are really good. We are about h…


The TEXAS RANGERS are the American League Champions! They took down the "mighty" Yankees in dominating fashion. The game Friday night was SO EXCITING and ELECTRIC - full of unbelievable energy. What a game and what a series - the Rangers sure deserve it. How sweet it was to take down the Yankees - $210 Million BUST! Next stop, the San Francisco Giants in the World Series! Game 1 is Wednesday night in San Francisco. The Rangers are doing so well and have a VERY good chance to win - it should be a great World Series.


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Deck the Halls for Fall

I heart Fall ~ its's by far my favorite season! I vote for Fall all year long. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Nevertheless, there are signs of fall throughout our house and I recently added a couple of Halloween decor items until the end of October. Next month, I'll pack up the Halloween stuff and pull out a few Thanksgiving decorations. I've been burning a lot of candles too which makes the house smell so good and it creates a nice warm and cozy feel.

Come on in...




Today is a special day! The Texas Rangers are playing in their first post-season baseball game in 11 years. We have enjoyed watching just about every game this season - it's been a fun year. The Rangers are a great team and a really good group of guys. John and I made it to a few games this season and watched most of the others at home. What a ride! We hope they have great success in the playoffs.

They will the Tampa Bay Rays starting today in a "best of 5" series. The first two games are in Tampa Bay and the next two here and then back to Tampa - all if necessary. The first one to win 3 games will move on to the next series which will put them one step closer to the World Series.
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Things to be Happy About ~ September Edition

Hooray - it's October and FALL! It's time to post about my "things to be happy about" from September. If you are new to this, I received a bright yellow, page-a-day desk calendar for Christmas last year and it sits on my desk at work. Each day the page lists various things to be happy about. Throughout the month I keep up with my favorite things the pages list and blog about them at the end of the month explaining why it makes me happy. I'm definitely a person who finds happiness in the littlest of things and so many things excite me. I'm easily pleased. If you want to catch up, click here. That will take you to last months post and give you a chance to click on previous months as well. I started this in January so you can always look through my archive as well.

Here are my September things to be happy about...
Toasting Marshmallows ~ I was just talking with my Mom about this a couple of days ago. These are SO delicious - ooey gooey goodness. I personally like …