Deck the Halls for Fall

I heart Fall ~ its's by far my favorite season! I vote for Fall all year long. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Nevertheless, there are signs of fall throughout our house and I recently added a couple of Halloween decor items until the end of October. Next month, I'll pack up the Halloween stuff and pull out a few Thanksgiving decorations. I've been burning a lot of candles too which makes the house smell so good and it creates a nice warm and cozy feel.

Come on in...

In a little over a month, all of this will be packed up to make room for all of our Christmas decorations - wow, this has been a super fast year! These next couple of months are going to be lots of fun!

Happy Weekend ~ Until we meet again...


  1. The place mats on your bar are ADORABLE!! I love them. All of your house decor looks precious!


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