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Scenes from my phone

Living a full life and being on the go quite a bit - not to mention keeping up with an energetic 2 1/2 year old means I don't always have our "real" camera at the ready.

However, I usually always have my phone with me. That doesn't mean that I am a super technical person nor am I obsessed with my phone and can't live without it. But like most people these days, I have it with me and it's quite handy when I need to capture a good shot.  I don't always have the big camera with charged batteries ready to go.  Life happens fast these days so I am always ready with the camera on my phone on between times!

I thought I'd share a few pictures I have taken with my phone over the last few weeks. (If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen several of these).
Ready or not, here we go...
Parker doesn't much like riding in his stroller these days.  (I guess he's older and too mature for such baby things!). He prefers to walk or ride on one of his …

Under the Sea

On Monday, we took a day to just have some fun!  These days our life is full - in a good way, but full nonetheless.  We always have something going on and stay pretty busy whether here at home or away from home.  We wanted a little break from reality so we decided to take Parker to the aquarium for a fun treat.  We wanted to go during the week while kids were in school to avoid the crowd, so John took the day off.   
We have been telling him we were going for a few weeks now.  He has been anxious and excited, but also a little curious as to what the "aquarium" meant - other than lots of fish. We weren't 100% how he would do at the aquarium, but we wanted to give it a shot.  He's been such a trooper with all of his therapy so he deserved a day o' fun!  We lucked out because children under 3 are free and in typical Riley fashion, I had a coupon for mine and John's tickets.  I love a good deal. 
We took lots of good pictures which are a combination of pictures…