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I am pregnant and we are SO EXCITED! To say we were shocked is the understatement of the year!

God is good and His timing is perfect, as always, we just may not realize it at the time. A couple of reasons... I left my job in mid-May, which you can read about here. It was a little over a month after that when we found out we were pregnant. I guess eliminating commuting daily and a great deal of stress did the trick! Also, our sweet baby is due in February which is when we were both born and the month that we were married. So our birthdays, our child's birthday and our anniversary will all be in the same month. It will be a busy month, but a fun time of celebration for our little family. It's also good timing that I will be getting bigger as the month's get colder!

I am feeling great! Praise the Lord for energy and no sickness as of yet. Except for a few restless nights, I am feeling really good. We had our …

This & That

The blog is in need of updating! ...especially since the last thing I posted about were our 4th of July decorations two weeks ago. I called it "This & That" because I decided to talk about a few random things for the time being.

*We had a good "4th" weekend. It was pretty low key, but really nice. We watched a movie and some TV shows, went to a few garage sales, went out on a date night, watched a couple of Ranger games, did some work around the house and played a few board games. Yesterday, we went to a matinee to see "Mr. Popper's Penguins" - it was a really cute, funny and sweet movie. We both loved it!

*John will start his next semester of school next Monday, July 11th. From then until September 13th he'll be taking "Evangelism" and "Principles/Practices of Teaching". Then starting on September 28th he'll be taking "Life of Paul" and "Theology II". He's really enjoying school. He's complete…