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I am pregnant and we are SO EXCITED! To say we were shocked is the understatement of the year!

God is good and His timing is perfect, as always, we just may not realize it at the time. A couple of reasons... I left my job in mid-May, which you can read about here. It was a little over a month after that when we found out we were pregnant. I guess eliminating commuting daily and a great deal of stress did the trick! Also, our sweet baby is due in February which is when we were both born and the month that we were married. So our birthdays, our child's birthday and our anniversary will all be in the same month. It will be a busy month, but a fun time of celebration for our little family. It's also good timing that I will be getting bigger as the month's get colder!

I am feeling great! Praise the Lord for energy and no sickness as of yet. Except for a few restless nights, I am feeling really good. We had our first sonogram yesterday. It went really well and all looks good. We got to hear the heartbeat and it was loud and strong.

Here I am a little over 9 weeks - not showing yet, but I want to track progress through pictures along the way. We have our next appointment on August 16th and then we will find out if we are having a little boy or little girl at the end of September. We can't wait! We already have our names picked out, but we will reveal the name once we find out what we are having.

We thank you ALL for all of your prayers, good thoughts, well wishes, support, concern and encouragement through our struggle and journey to get pregnant. We ask that you continue to hold us in prayer through this pregnancy. We hope that beginning to end, everything goes well and our baby will be healthy and happy. We are excited to go from "just the two of us" to "The Ussery Three".

Until we meet again...
Mommy to Be


  1. WWWWOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!! Congratulations! Philip and I are sooooo happy for you! Thank you for letting us know! Love and miss you!


  2. I was wondering what the title of your post might be... "Big News" OR "And then there were 3" OR something along the lines of "February will be an even BIGGER month now..." etc. You picked a perfect title! Love the post, love the news, love the little baby within, and LOVE you!! So proud to be your friend and help you along on this journey!

  3. I am soooo happy for you, Riley and John!! CONGRATULATIONS!! :) I'll be sending prayers your way and look forward to hearing about the updates!


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