The Next Chapter ~ Domestic Engineer

My dear friend Sylvia e-mailed me the following a few days ago...

"As you live your life and continue to write the 'Book of Riley', there will be many chapters. Each chapter is an opportunity to experience new things and learn life's lessons. It is a cycle you will repeat throughout your life and every chapter is important. With a heavy heart, but also a sense of relief, you will close another chapter in your book this week. Rejoice in your accomplishments and look to the next chapter with excitement. For every day is a gift from the Lord. Congratualtions on this chapter for a job well done and good luck on the opportunities you will face in your next chapter. Wishing you nothing but happiness and love!"

It was a perfect summation for what has gone on in my life this week. After 5 years of working at Lon Lovell, CPA, my time there has ended as of yesterday. I started working there on July 10, 2006 and yesterday was my last day.

Due to various reasons and factors and after lots of prayer and many talks with John, I made the decision that it was time to leave and make a change. It was a very easy decision in lots of ways, but it was difficult and sad as well. I am thankful for the opportunity that I had to work there - it was a good chapter in my life!

What is the next chapter about? It's about being a "Domestic Engineer". For as long as the Lord allows, I plan to stay home. I am not going to be employed anywhere, but my job is now taking care of our home and everything that stems from that. I know that may sound like an old fashioned or out of date concept to certain people. I tend to be pretty traditional and old-fashioned and I love nothing more than to care for our home, life and family.

Yes, it will mean a much different lifestyle. We won't have as much money and other sacrifices will have to be made, but this is something we've prayed for and about for a while and we are at peace and have full confidence in this decision. What adjustments we will have to make to compensate for this new chapter of life will be made up for in multiple ways. Our house and lives will be more calm - less hectic and stressful. We will have more time with each other and for leisure. John will be able to devote more time to his work and school because I'll be here to take care of some things he's selflessly taken on over the past few years.

I didn't just quit my job because I wanted to stay home and do nothing - you know me better than that! I quit my job to become a Domestic Engineer. And being the list maker that I am, I have a list, a REALLY LONG list of what all that will entail daily, weekly, monthly and in general.

We DO NOT take this blessing for granted. The opportunity to do this is ALL because of our great God above. I realize that this is not possible for every woman, but I'm thanking and praising God daily that he's allowed me to do this...a role that I treasure and enjoy. And THANK GOD for Dave Ramsey because through his program and system, we've been fortunate to really work on our finances the past two years. Again, we will have to make several modifications to our lifestyle, but we are a-okay with that for the positive changes it will bring to our life!

This cartoon fits perfect as I start my new job as a D.E. on Monday...

We will continue to thank the Lord for this grand blessing and pray for it to last, but we put our full faith and trust in Him and if He wants us to start another chapter in another direction, we will be obedient and forever follow Him.

Until we meet again...