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I Heart Dave Ramsey!

I’ve always been a financial nerd.I get excited about reconciling our bank statement each month, writing real checks, making various money related spreadsheets and developing monthly budgets.It’s part of my “Type A” personality I guess – being a perfectionist, wanting things organized and having a system for everything, so I thought I had a pretty good handle on the Ussery finances.

But when I heard about Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class being offered through church (Fall 2009), I was eager to sign up and take the course.I had listened to Dave Ramsey before and John had read through his "Total Money Makeover" book early in our marriage, so we knew a few things about his program. However, we never really put into practice his methods. It was time for that to change - we were ready to get on board with the Dave Ramsey plan. Knowing the little that I did about Dave, I was confident the classes would help us make improvements to our way of handling our money an…

happy valentine's day!

HappyValentine'sDay - one and all!

We are celebrating in low-key fashion this evening, but always enjoyable. We really don't go too overboard on Valentine's Day. Chili and cornbread are on the menu for dinner. I did make heart shaped ice cubes for our tea. We'll have "Mystery Mocha" for dessert (wow, is it good!). We decided not to get each other a gift this year, but we are going to exchange Valentine cards. After all of that we are going to watch "Fireproof" - one of our favoriteLOVE movies! I'll be cozy in my chair with my "I heart John" t-shirt, pj pants and valentine socks on. Sounds like a great evening to me.

Happy Valentine's Day to my lifelong Valentine. I'd ask you to "Be Mine", but you already are. Lucky Me! I love you with all of my heart! Until we meet again...

Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday, John!! Today, I am celebrating my precious husband John's 34th birthday! Isn't he the cutest?! We enjoy celebrating all of the special days in our life together ~ including birthdays. John, thank you for making me laugh, thank you for making me smile, thank you for loving me dearly and thank you for making our life so much fun.

I wish you a FUNtastic birthday! What a blessing you are...I love you to the moon and back! "Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God" Philippians 1:3

As it was last year, the birthday boy has requested a homemade pizza with his favorite toppings and a peanut butter chocolate pie - YUM! Then we will open cards and gifts and play a few board games - should be a fun evening. Until we meet again... Riley

Eight is Great!

Today, February 8, 2011, is our 8th Anniversary. Eight years on the 8th! I woke up to the sweet whispers of John saying "Happy Anniversary" and "Thanks for marrying me". It was very early this morning, but so sweet and special.

To God be the glory for these past eight years. They have been fantastic and our life together gets richer and stronger every day. We can't say it enough, but we are head over heels in love with each other and adore our life together more than words could ever express. We find pure joy in living this life as one and having the marriage that we do.

We look forward to celebrating our anniversary today and tonight with fun plans and some treasured anniversary traditions.

My John ~ I'm at a loss for words to adequately express my gratitude for these past eight years. I've had the time of my life and I look forward to everday to follow, as long as we both shall live. You have been the best husband a girl …

iTakeover The Blog

Hello everyone!

In an unprecedented turn of events, I (John) am gettin' bloggy with it to wish my beautiful, gorgeous, sweet, thoughtful, caring, loving, devoted, amazing, incredible, godly wife a very Happy Birthday!!!

Riley, thank you so much for being who you are and doing all that you do! It is truly an honor and a privilege to be your husband, and I love you more than you will ever know!!!

"There are many virtuous and capable women in the world, but you surpass them all!" --Proverbs 31:29


New Editions ~ Living Room

We have a couple of new editions to our living room - two wrought iron pieces over the TV and our "Family Rules".

The picture over the TV we bought last Spring at Mardel. It's hard to get a good look at it, but in person it's a beautiful watercolor painting with the scripture "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want" (Psalm 23:1). We've been really happy with the picture and the size, but it has looked blank and open on either side of the picture. We needed something to fill in the empty spaces and have been on the lookout for something here and there over the last few months. We finally found something we both liked at Hobby Lobby earlier this month and they were half-off - even better! They are really pretty circular, swirly wrought iron pieces. John hung them for us and we really like how it turned out.

The second new edition is our "Family Rules". I saw this idea on another blog and fell in love with it. I shared it with John (he loved it …

I Finished A Book!

As sad as it may sound, it has been aLONG TIME since I have read an entire book. I've started many over the last couple of years, but not finished them. I've also thought of, seen and read about many other books I'm interested in, but have yet to read them. My mental list of "books I would like to read" just keeps growing.

I really like to read. I'd say that I'm "too busy" to read, but the truth is I just don't make time to read. I make time for other things instead. We do stay pretty busy and active and I guess "reading a book" just doesn't make it's way into my schedule very often. I can look through a magazine pretty quickly, but a whole book seems like an undertaking at times.

When I get caught up in a book, I really enjoy it, but on the other hand I can think of several other things that I want/need to do be doing besides sitting down to read. I'm the type of person that can't just sit for very long. I…