New Editions ~ Living Room

We have a couple of new editions to our living room - two wrought iron pieces over the TV and our "Family Rules".

The picture over the TV we bought last Spring at Mardel. It's hard to get a good look at it, but in person it's a beautiful watercolor painting with the scripture "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want" (Psalm 23:1). We've been really happy with the picture and the size, but it has looked blank and open on either side of the picture. We needed something to fill in the empty spaces and have been on the lookout for something here and there over the last few months. We finally found something we both liked at Hobby Lobby earlier this month and they were half-off - even better! They are really pretty circular, swirly wrought iron pieces. John hung them for us and we really like how it turned out.

The second new edition is our "Family Rules". I saw this idea on another blog and fell in love with it. I shared it with John (he loved it too) so we decided to make some for ourselves. We started by developing some "rules" we want to try and live by in our home, whether it's just the two of us or includes a child/children at some point. We used a couple of rules from the blog I got the idea from (rules that we liked and agreed with) and the rest we came up with on our own. We wrote them all down and then it was time for me to get crafty! I did this project last Saturday afternoon while sweet John was taking a nap (his allergies were killing him). Luckily, I had already purchased all of my supplies so I was ready to go.

Without boring you with ALL of the specifics, I painted a blank 16" x 20" canvas a color called "Latte". I painted a couple of coats and let it get good and dry. While it was drying, I cut strips of scrapbook paper. I used 3 different prints of paper and alternated them in a pattern. I wrote one rule on each strip of scrapbook paper with a fine point black paint pen. I tried to change up how I wrote each rule to add a little something extra to it. Once the canvas was dry, I decoupaged all of the strips onto the canvas, again applying a couple of coats. I also put a strip at the bottom that says "Established ~ January 2011" so years down the road, we'll remember when we did this. John hung them up on Sunday. It was such a fun, relaxing craft project, plus I love that we came up with these rules together to live by in our much as possible of course!

Here are the rules if you can't read them...

Love the Lord with your heart, soul, mind and strength
JOY: Jesus first, others second and yourself last
Value family time and traditions
Always be honest
Support & serve our church
Do everything without complaining
Honor Jesus in all you say and do
Love & help each other
Laugh a lot
Speak kindly and be courteous
Be thankful
Have lots of fun
Always Remember: We're on the same team

Thanks for letting us share!
Until we meet again...


  1. I already told you in a text how much I loved this post...but I thought I would tell you again just HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS POST!!! I wish I had thought of the Family Rules before you...because if I do that at any point in time, I will just be a copycat...again. Sheesh. Love the idea and love how simple and powerful the rules are. Such a great thing to have hanging on the wall in your home.


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