Still swingin', after all these months...

We are in our final week here at home so there is lots of last minute packing going on, calls being made, plans being mapped out, loads taken to storage, cleaning and organizing galore, lists being checked again and again, items being piled up to keep with us for the next few months, addresses being changed - tired yet? I needn't say more - it's a busy time in many ways! And it's only Monday. 

I had a few thing to do in the garage this morning so John set up the pack and play in the garage so I could have Parker with me, but keep him contained! Otherwise he'd make a break for it and be down the street in about 2.6 seconds. He's a speedy one.

After I was working for a while and he was playing away, he was starting to get restless (he will only wants to stay in there so long) and then I hear "wing", "wing". Hmmm - my Mommy interpreting skills weren't working too well. But then... Alas, he was pointing at his baby swing! He wanted to "wing".

So, I decided to check the maximum weight limit and Parker is still under that so a "winging" we go. He didn't stay in too long, but had a bit of fun. My he is getting so tall.
He's a little bigger than this wee one. Could it be the same baby who's feet are barely even seen? 
Even in the midst of moving craziness - there's always time for fun!

Until we meet again,