Scenes from the Store

Every Tuesday morning, Parker and I have a shopping date. We always go to Target and Kroger for groceries, but sometimes we might go to another store or two if we have specific things to get or take care of. 

I of course don't tote our digital camera to every store we go to, but thankfully these new-fangled phones have cameras in case there is a Kodak moment to capture while on the go. Outside of taking a pictures to text, I am not a big fan of phone pictures. I much prefer the quality of a "real camera" picture and the option to edit, print, save on the computer, etc. -  l digress.

These pictures are various ones I have taken over the last couple of weeks while we have been out and about. 

This isn't technically a "store" picture, but one day we stopped in for a haircut before grocery shopping. This precious boy doesn't much fancy having his haircut so he's headed for the door and handsome as ever! 
One week we went to Rowlett (about a 20-25 minute drive for us) to go to Albertsons. Albertsons has a few things we can't find at our normal stops, and the one near us closed, so we make a trip there every few months. It's also fun to look around a different grocery store. They had the neatest carts with the car on top rather than at the bottom of the basket. Parker loved it! 

Dear Kroger, 
Please get these carts - my son much prefers these for his shopping experience.
Thank you! 

As most of you know, we are in the early stages of having a house built. One day, Parker and I dropped by Lowes to do some oven searching. We are probably going with something like this (as far as the oven goes) and Parker was giving it a good examination. We are lovers of food, cooking and baking in our house so this is a big decision - ha! 
Simple smile at the supermarket (what Parker's beloved Bubble Guppies call the "store")
Experimenting with a different basket at Target - what a face. We went back to putting him back in the cart the next week - it works best right now.
A couple of weeks ago before we bought groceries, we made a stop by Half-Price Books. We had some books to sell and to his delight, I let Parker pick out a couple of new ones with the money we made. Only problem was there was too many to choose from so we had lots of fun looking before we made our final selections. 

This boy of ours LOVES vacuum cleaners. I can't express it enough. He is attracted to them anywhere he may be. At our home builder's office he figured out where they keep theirs and that's where he goes first every time. With any vacuum cleaner he comes in contact with, Parker will just stand and adore them and touch/pet them, but he goes crazy when it's actually plugged in and used. So fun! 

Last week at Target, he was saying his version of "vacuum" (we know when he is saying it) over and over and kept pointing and finally I realized, as we were on the coffee aisle, that he spotted them a few aisles over. And it wasn't just one - it was many! The boy was in heaven.  We stayed for a while and had to tell them "bye bye" but he wasn't happy about leaving them! He wanted to go back again this week and we did. I suppose we will be visiting the vacuum family from here on. 
And just yesterday, Parker had some organic white cheddar Cheetos as an appetizer before lunch. I never thought I would open an item and let Parker eat of it before we actually purchased it, but when your child has constant eating issues and starts begging for something you just put in the cart - you might open the bag too. He was a happy camper and must have eaten 20 of them. 

It's really fun now to teach Parker different things that we might see at the store - a great place to learn. Just yesterday he pointed out and told me where the apples and bananas were while naming them. 

We sure have fun each Tuesday running our shopping errands and new memories are made each week.

Until we meet again...