As of Sunday, Parker was 16 months old - the boy is growing ever so fast.  We've heard people say that you don't realize how fast time goes until you have children and watch how quickly they grow and change - those people were right.  I so vividly remember the day we were driving to the hospital to have him.  Now our baby boy is a walking, talking ball of energy, fun and playfulness.  He's grown up so much in these past few months - really becoming more and more like a little boy and leaving those baby days behind.  He's so happy and cute...and so curious about the world around him.

Speaking of growing, back in April, John planted his vegetable garden for the year - corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, okra and watermelon.  He's made it a custom to take Parker outside everyday or every other day to check on the garden.  It'll be really neat when Parker can help with the planting, care and harvesting.  Nevertheless, when John says "garden" Parker stretches out his arms and knows exactly where they are going - outside. 

We've been fortunate in that we've gotten a good amount rain here and there over the last few weeks so we haven't had to water the garden much, but we've hit a dry spell and the produce needed a drink.  Tonight, Parker and Daddy spent some time outside in the garden and watered it by hand for a while and then set up the sprinkler to run during Parker's bath time.

We let Parker run around barefoot for a few minutes before his bath and he had a ball.  Forget Disneyland, the "happiest place on Earth" for the P-Man is outside!  Nothing says summer like a little boy barefoot in the grass.     

Before we know it, it'll be August and our growing boy will be 1 1/2 years old - time, please stand still!

Until we meet again,