Friday, March 29, 2013

Funny Face

In the last week, Parker has started doing THE cutest face - as if he could get any cuter.  It's really hard to capture how hilarious and adorable it is with the camera (much better in person) plus he does it so spontaneously throughout the day. 

He will either look at you and spring this face on you in which you are do the same face to him in return...or John or I will call Parker's name and when he looks at us, we make the face to him and he will respond to us with the same face.  What a fun game.   

The components of "the face" are him almost gritting his teeth, grinning as wide as he can - a super cheesy smile, almost squinting his eyes and sticking his nose up in the air.  I hope with all my might that he will keep doing this for a long time.  It is pure joy! 

I hope to capture a really good shot of this where he's facing me - then it will promptly be blown up to a bigger size and framed.  This funny face adds so much cheer to our days.

Have a great Easter weekend - which also brings the start of baseball season - hooray! We are ready. We will look forward to going to church and celebrating Easter as a family on Sunday morning - He Is Risen!... and then we will be diving into our hot dogs and nachos Sunday evening for the Rangers first game of the season. Life is good!

Until we meet again...

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