Knock Knock
Who's There? 
Riley Who?
Oh, you don't remember me?

I don't blame you for not remembering me since I'm a blogger slacker.  I'm averaging posting about every month and a half.  So enjoy this post, it may be mid-September before I come knocking again.

I am not blogging more regularly because I don't want to.  I have deep desires to blog each week, even if it's a weekly re-cap.  But I'm so behind on my blog posts and we stay pretty busy, so it's just not in the cards right now...someday perhaps!

Until then, I continue on this journey to catch up a little one month at a time.

Let's take a look back at March (that's so 5 months ago)...

Parker was on a kick where he'd want to play a round of Wheel of Fortune before bed every night.
Parker had his 4 year check-up.  He did awesome and is still long and lean, but growing well and very healthy.

We visited our favorite guinea pig, Oliver, at our local library.  We usually try to go to two libraries each week.

We had some Happy Sundays!
(Notice how he's wearing long sleeves in a couple of pictures.  Ahhh, what I wouldn't give for that weather.  I'm over it being a billion degrees.)

We did a little Easter decorating around the house.  I love me some holiday decorating - whatever the occasion!
We did our preschool activities.  L is for Ladybug, M is for M&Ms and N is for Nest.  We may have eaten a few several M&Ms.

We spent some time outside.

We enjoyed a birthday dinner and dessert with our neighbors. 

We had some couch time. Eating yummy bananas with George and snuggling with sweet Daddy! 

We made a windsock to hang on the backporch. 

Mowing season began!
Lucky me ~ Happy St. Patrick's Day!

One day while Daddy was away at lunch, we had a picnic and played at the park.

I had my annual eye appointment and Parker went along.  He had so much fun!
We started swimming lessons.

We went out to breakfast one Saturday morning for a fundraiser for our favorite Golden Deb, Haley.
We had all sorts of Easter fun! We made crafts, yummy treats, colored eggs, did some activities, enjoyed a neighborhood egg hunt and celebrated our risen Lord at church.

I love my little family so much!

That's March in a very small nutshell - just the highlights for sure.  Next stop, April.  I can't believe we are already into August!

Until we meet again...