Cuddlin' with Calvin

As I mentioned in the post below, we have had our nephews, Jacob (11) and Isaac (9) with us for the past 10 days. They went home (to Arkansas) yesterday and we were really sad to see them go. It felt so weird without them at home yesterday after them being here for so long. We had a WONDERFUL time with them!! While they were here, we took over 200 pictures at home and out and about so we have lots to catch up on. I figure that I might break it up into a few "themed" posts and hopefully we can highlight a few things.

Calvin got a TON of attention from Jacob and Isaac. They absolutely LOVE him and are so good with him. Calvin is such a sweet and gentle dog. He doesn't bark, bite, scratch, fight...he's not a mean dog at all. In fact, Calvin is VERY low key - he's probably the laziest dog we know. HaHa! He loves to lay around and enjoys cuddling. He makes a great sleeping buddy and loves to be held and petted. The boys really enjoyed hanging out with him and sitting with him. They were always interested in where Calvin was in the house and they got a kick out of giving him his nightly treats. Where Calvin is, there is sure to be a fleece blanket nearby. For some reason, fleece blankets are Calvin's "thing". He loves to lay on them, snuggle with them, play with them and chew on them. Some dogs fancy balls or chew toys, but Calvin loves his fleece blankets.

Here are a few pictures of Calvin and the boys...
I think Calvin noticed the boys were gone as well yesterday. He seemed really sad when I got home from work and was walking around the house looking for them. I'm sure he noticed that it was a lot quieter too.

Thanks for having so much fun with Calvin - he looks forward to seeing you boys soon!
Until we meet again...