Show Us Where You Live Friday - Guest Room

Here are picture sof the Ussery guest room! This is a very plain and simple room, but nice and comfortable too. It's one of the few areas of the house we have yet to paint - haha, but we will get there! You will notice that other rooms in our house have so much color, but this is still white as can be - plus it's the room used least often.
As you can tell we have the nautical/lighthouse theme going on in here. We've had this decor in our guest room since we've been married. Since we've moved to Texas, we've had several people sleep in this guest room...much more so than in Arkansas, simply because we are kind of in the middle of everyone now and it's a bit easier to come and visit us.

This is taken from the doorway - entering the guest room!

Our guest bed is quiet comfortable! We've used it ourselves for naps, being sick, etc and we get many compliments on how cozy it is. I LOVE this bed too because it was in my grandmother's house, then my Aunt Eva had it and then we recevied it before my aunt passed away. It's held up really well. It does make a few noises, but that gives it character. It's a treasure! The picture above the bed is very special too (more on that later)...although it gets swallowed by the big white wall - LOL!

Another view of the bed, the nightstand and the door that goes back into the hallway!

This is on the wall opposite the bed and nightstand. I've had this entertainment center for over 10 years - when I was still living at home and in my apartment in college! It's been through a lot with me and with us...I've also had the boat bookshelves for a while too! Aren't they so cute?

This piece actually goes with the entertainment center. You can have it separated as we do...or have it as one unit. The porcelain dolls on top were a gift from my Grammy and Flash years ago(another treasure!) and all the pictures on these shelves are of our nieces and nephews. Of course you can also see the bedroom closet door on the left and the hallway on the right.

A closer shot of the nightstand. Can you see that the legs are oars? This is very special because my stepdad Armando made this for me for Christmas a few years ago especially for our guest room. He modeled it after the boat bookshelves and it matches perfect!

This bench sits under the window parallel to the foot of the bed. Inside of it we have several extra blankets. This was a wedding present from Grammy!

This picture is actually embroidered. This was made by my Aunt Eva and then framed by my Dad and Kristin. Eva died of cancer a few years ago...she and I were VERY close and I miss her greatly. I love having this picture (as well as several other things) to remember her by.

These bears sit in their basket on the entertainment center - can you believe that we found a "Riley" bear?

This arrangement sits in the center of the entertainment center. The beach pictures (of us and our toes in the sand) were taken last summer in Galveston. The sand that the candle is sitting in is also from Galveston. We had a great vacation- fun times!

Thanks for stopping by our guest room-have a great weekend!
Until we meet again...


  1. Cute guest room, I love the nautical theme! Thanks for the tour.

  2. I always feel so "at home" in your guest room!!! I love love love coming to visit. Such a lovely room ~ full of meaningful treasures, like you said, and great attention to detail. I'll come help you paint once Baby Billett is here...John and Austin can babysit! haha!

  3. I like your guest room also because that means I am visiting you two and that is always a good time for me. Dad


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