Visit from Dad & Kristin

My Dad and Kristin came to visit us this past weekend. They came in late Thursday night and went back home Monday morning. They spent some time with us...spent some time with my step brother Neil and his family (who live in Forney)...and we all spent some time together. It was a really nice weekend - always great to have them here!

We did some visiting, eating (of course), a little shopping, played some Wii games, watched it rain (and rain some more)...did I mention eating? HaHaHa!

The picture above was taken before a wedding we went to Saturday night. One of my Dad's long time friends was getting married and several of his old buddies were there to catch-up with, which my Dad really enjoyed.

A little bit of excitement...shortly before we were to leave for the wedding, the four of us and Calvin were in our bedroom closet because of a tornado warning and a funnel cloud spotted over Royse City - YIKES! Praise the Lord nothing happened.

Here is a picture of Dad and I...we are at Joe's Crab Shack with the family - yummy to our tummies!

We hope that you've had a great weekend and wish you a wonderful week. May is going to be a very full month for us in many ways, but it keeps things fun and interesting! We will keep you posted on it all.

Until we meet again...