We wanted to take a minute to wish all the dads in our life a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! We thank God for our wonderful fathers - what a blessing they are to us. We hope and pray that you have a wonderful Sunday.

Below are a few pictures with the "Dads"...

My stepdad, Armando, and I - this picture is a couple of years old, but a cute one! I'm so very lucky that you are my stepdad!
Armando and John on the golf course. This is one of their favorite places to be and favorite things to do together. This picture was in Abliene last August. They look so nice and handsome - a fun day!
This is John and his Dad (Mark) - this was taken before John's brother's (Jason) college graduation last May. John loves to spend time outdoors with his Dad when we go visit them in Arkansas - great bonding time.

Mark and I before the Christmas Eve service last year. There were other people in the picture, but I just focused in on the two of us standing together. I jokingly call him "Pa-in-law" and he lovingly calls me "Riley B".

My Dad (Gregg) and I - this was at The Harbor on Lake Ray Hubbard in Rockwall. What a fun place! I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with my Dad.
Dad and John preparing a shrimp boil at the family reunion - they are men on a mission! They always have a good time together.

We also want to remember our grandfathers on this special day. I miss my Grandpa and Flash so very much, but have so many wonderful memories of both of them. John only had the opportunity to know one of his grandfathers (his Mom's Dad), but he has great memories of him as well.

Calvin also wanted me to thank John for being such a good "Doggy Daddy". He said thanks for feeding him, playing with him, petting him, brushing him, walking him, giving him treats, snuggling with him, taking naps with him...he said you take such good care of him and he loves you very much! He's a lucky dog. Calvin even got John a card and St. Louis Cardinals coffee mug for Father's Day - how thoughtful!

We love you all!
:) Riley and John