Show Us Where You Live Friday - Office

Well, it's time again to visit another room in the house - this week is the office! We are lucky enough to have 2 offices. We have 4 bedrooms (master, guest and the other two are used for offices at this time).

When we moved back to Texas from Arkansas, John was so blessed to keep his job, but be able to do it from home - so he works from his home office every single day. Ocassionaly he has to do some traveling, but not too often. He is a network engineer so below are pictures from his Nerd Command Center in our house - haha, just kidding!! There is a lot of stuff in his office - guitar, piano, huge desk, pictures, television, bookcase of treasures, reading area, lots of computer it may not look neat and tidy but it really is - it's just full! You will also see a lot of St. Louis Cardinal decor - his favorite baseball team so that's kind of the theme we are going for in here, but hopefully we can work on it more in time. This is one of the rooms we have yet to paint and I'm not sure we will with all the stuff in here!

Enjoy John's office...

My office is at the other end of the house across from the guest room. We joke that I'm the CFO of our household so I work on our bills, budget, money matters, etc on the computer in here...along with letter writing, spreadsheets, menu making, mail to go out, files, cards to send, to do lists and so on. I also have all of my crafting and scrapooking supplies in this room - there's a big open space to put a table whenever I work on things. Unfortunately, I don't get to play with all my stuff as often as I would like, but I SO enjoy it when I do. I have a TV, DVD player, VHS player (haha) and stereo in I can be entertained while working on things. We also set up a "wrapping station" in here at Christmas to do all of our present wrapping with all the supplies in one location. This room has also held an air mattress as an extra guest room. If we ever have to use this room for something else, I'm not sure where all this stuff is going! Again, we have not painted this room either, but I tried to add splashes of color in other ways.

Enjoy Riley's office...

Thanks for stopping by...I believe next week is bathrooms and I'm excited because we recently painted our guest bathroom. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Until we meet again...


  1. looks like some music is made in one room and loads of color is coming from the other!!

  2. Love the girly office! :)
    Have a great weekend!


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