Sunday Softball

John plays in our church softball league and really enjoys it. When we moved to Texas and were looking for a new church home, John was really hoping that they would have a softball team. We were obviously looking for more important things one looks for in a church, but the softball team was a bonus. We joined First Christian Church in the summer of 2006 and ABSOLUTELY love it! God has blessed us beyond measure by leading us to this church. John has played several seasons of softball and I've also been a sub a few times, but I much prefer cheering in the stands.
This is a coed league and they play on Sunday evenings. It's always a fun time! The summer season started last week and Sunday night was a double header...they won one and lost one. John's quite a hitter and also does well in the field. He typically plays in the outfield, but enjoys the action in the infield as well.

Here are a few pictures of my slugger...

Each game is closed with a prayer with the other team - awesome!

We are going to see the Rangers take on the Dodgers Saturday night - fun times. The Rangers have been doing so well this season, hopefully they will win Saturday. We are really looking forward to the game...

Have a great week!
Until we meet again...
:) Riley